Review for Kanamemo Vol.3

Review for Kanamemo Vol.3

Been years since I last read Kanamemo, but I am glad I picked it up again, and I hope to be able to read more.

Cute friendships, some romance, loads of newspapers, school stuff, and more.

I have to say that I felt once again very uncomfortable about one of the characters (Haruka) and her love for underaged girls (and her knowing everything about every little girl in the neighbourhood, she can smell them, and tries to do stuff with Kana). It is frankly just disgusting, and I wonder why everyone still wants to be around her. She does show that she isn’t always like this, and I would rather have her always be like that. I am sure she would be a better character then.

But thankfully there is enough good about this one. Like summer vacations and schedules (in which Kana tries to find a schedule for the summer and tries out various of her friends’ schedules, including a very busy one from Saki), lotteries (and how they are rigged), Mika x Kana (I really like their friendship (though we all know that Mika wants more) and I am happy to see it grow), Yuki and Yume are just too adorable together (and I just ship them to infinity), and the manager and how she acts more like a tiny adult instead of the age she actually is (I just love seeing her go all super saiyan when someone does their job wrong or when stuff happens to the newspaper). And of course much much more. You won’t be bored while reading this one.

I had quite a laugh about the mystery of the missing newspapers.

So yeah, even with the creepy Haruka, this was still a fun volume and I had tons of laughs.

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