Review for Konohana Kitan Vol.1

Review for Konohana Kitan Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welcome to Konohanatei, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!

I watched this anime back when it first aired last year. While the anime was a bit hit and miss, I was still excited that the manga would get a translation/was licensed, though I wasn’t going to be buying it. Sorry, very bad experiences with Tokyopop. Never again will I buy anything buy them. At least their American branch. shivers And then I spotted this manga up on Netgalley and realised that this was my chance to read this book without supporting Tokyopop too much.

I love the idea of an inn run by fox girls. I wouldn’t mind visiting one day, but I guess, given the kind of people that visit the inn, it would be impossible. sighs 😛

The stories are all wonderful to read, though nothing new for anyone who watched the anime. Still I had lots of fun reading them and seeing the stories unfold not animated but still on paper, and at times (like with the first story) I was wiping away tears as the stories were just too wonderful.

The egg story however was my least favourite, it was kind of funny when animated, but seeing it in its original form as manga… eh, it just didn’t work out and it just was so weird and awkward. But I had a laugh that none of the girls (well except for Yuzu who had some idea) got what kind of creature was hatched from the egg.

The Kaito story was no surprise to me due to the anime, so I was a bit sad.

I cannot remember the last story, it may have been in the anime, but I can’t be sure. I did think it was a sweet story. Plus that ending, ship ship ship!

And of course there was lots of shipping potential, just like in the anime. Natsume x Ren is my favourite ship. They make such a cute couple, the more prince-like Natsume and the cute prinsess-like Ren. Ah, adorable!

The art is definitely my favourite part of this entire manga. It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. I just love the amount of detail on the characters, especially close-ups (like eyes) are just WOW. I could definitely stare at this art for hours.

All in all, a pretty great first volume. I am not too sure if I will continue reading it as it is pretty much the same as the anime, or better said, the anime did a good job following the manga. I would recommend this volume to everyone.

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