Review for Modern Fantasy #1

Review for Modern Fantasy #1

So I just had to try this one out immediately. Normally I don’t read comics (at least in English as those tend to get bundled into one big book) in separate issues, but I just couldn’t wait. How could I resist a fantasy story taking place in the modern world drawn by Kristen Gudsnuk.

I have to say I am a bit unsure about the story and if I liked it as much as I had hoped. The same goes for the characters. Maybe it will get better as the issues and thus story come out and we discover more about the world and what is going on. It certainly has potential, our MC is working in a dead-end job (with as much happiness as anyone can imagine from a job like that), her roommates are a lizard wizard who really needs to get his life on the rails, and maybe open his eyes about his love life, and then there is the other roommate who constantly has her boyfriend over for some hot nights (and him eating all the food in the house). I loved that the world features so many different species (we see insects, elves, and more) and that they are all living together and going through the daily things.

Then we have the amulet story, which involves thievery and has both our MC and her friends in a pretty dang mess. So it is time for a quest! Finally our MC will be able to live her fantasies for real (yep, she dreams up whole things, especially during meetings (and who can blame her)). I am quite curious what we will see in the next issue, will we be getting some action? And will this entire series be about that amulet? Or feature various quests/people to save?

The art, well, it is Kristen Gudsnuk so of course I loved it, though I have to say I noticed some faces that seemed overly weird. 😛

All in all, a bit unsure, but I will be reading on as I am curious to see the story develop. Plus I could always use more Kristen Gudsnuk.

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