Review for Mom and Dad Glue

Review for Mom and Dad Glue

I read this book in Dutch, but will be writing a review in English.

This was a beautiful, a bit humorous, but also sad book about a boy and his parents who are going to separate. I am happy I brought the book with me from one of my libraries.

Divorce, it happens to many couples, and many of those couples have kids. Kids who suddenly see their parents fall out, they see them sad, angry, sometimes there are arguments. In this one it seems that the divorce is going amiable, we don’t see any hint of argument. It seems that the parents of our little MC have fallen out of love. As the book progresses we see the kid try to get his parents together again, to have them kiss, to have them love each other again.

And thus the hunt begins for Mom-Dad glue. Because glue fixes things? Right? And there are so many glues for all sorts of things, so there should be a glue perfect for this. Something to stick to his parents faces so they can never go and never will stop kissing. Yep, awww. That kid. Precious! But I knew how the hunt would end, and my heart broke for him. I loved how the lady in the glue store told him gently and also wished for the glue to be real. Awww.

My heart also broke as the kid wondered if it was his fault all along. Did he do something wrong? It is something I have seen happening in other books about divorce, and it always breaks my heart and makes me tear up. Oh no, sweetie. Most of the time it is not the fault of the kid, most of the time parents just lose their love, or find a new love, or some other reason. I am glad that the parents talked to him, that the parents made time to make sure he was fine, and that they explained everything to him. This is so very important.

The illustrations are just fabulous. I loved how the illustrator drew the world as broken. Broken shelves, a jumping cord that snapped, a bench in two, walls that have gaps and rips. And then that ending and seeing how the world looks now, it made me happy. Wonderful job on showing how a divorce will feel for a kid, like his world, like his everything is also broken apart.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book.

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