Review for My Favorite Pet: Hamsters

Review for My Favorite Pet: Hamsters

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Nothing new or special, a very simplistic, but oh so adorable non-fiction book about hamsters. I wasn’t planning on reviewing it immediately, but since the person I made an appointment with online hasn’t showed (been over an hour), I will write one.

I knew not to have too high of expectations. This may sound rude, but I don’t mean it like that. I just could see by the cover that this would be a simple, easy book. Nothing too deep on hamsters, just some very basic stuff. And I was right. But still I couldn’t resist trying this one out, I adore hamsters, have one of myself (a very cute little bundle of love), and I just love books about them (especially when these have giant pictures of cute hamsters doing cute stuff).

I had a bit of a laugh at the first sentence, sorry, but it just sounds a bit funny: “Hamsters live in cages in their owner’s house.” Gee, where else would such a tiny critter live as a pet? In the garden? On the roof? Outside of a cage? 😛

There are also questions, do you remember?. I did like them, but I was kind of wondering who picked the photographs for that one. Why put a hamster eating at the question of where they live, or a hamster in a (bad) wheel for the question what hamsters eat.

So yeah, this book is very very simple. But still I think it is a fun book for those first time readers who are curious about hamsters. And of course it is a good book for us hamster lovers who just need more cute hamsters in our life, this book features some super adorable pictures that made me want to reach out and hug those cuties.

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