Review for My Headteacher is a Vampire Rat!

Review for My Headteacher is a Vampire Rat!

What would you do if you suspect your new headteacher is a vampire rat?

A Baby Aliens that I loved! I guess this is going to be a series of hits and misses. So far 3 hits, 2 misses, 3 books still to go. Oh well, I like a challenge and I was definitely happy that one of my libraries, miraculously, had one book, this one, in its collection. cheers

This time our kids are into a new adventure, and boy they sure have a big imagination. To the point that it goes too far at times. But in this adventure I could mostly forgive them. The new headteacher was quite the character. I can imagine that the kids mistook him for a vampire. Dark clothes, dark office, hissing sounds, mice/rats everywhere, his reaction to blood, him banning garlic, the way he acts around people and the kids. Then there is the whole thing of where did the old headteacher go? Yep, all points that, with the right imagination, can lead to vampire suspicions.

I had fun to see the kids go on a hunt for more proof, figuring out more and more about vampires (though the one investigating found it mostly boring). I had a big laugh at the mom of one of the kids and how she went on and on about Edward. Yes, that glittering Edward. 😛 How it went from just vampires to something even bigger. It was quite funny that these kids could think of something like this.

I do have to say that making fun of allergies is not something I like that much. Knowing that someone is allergic and still wear garlic necklaces around them is a big no no. Especially not when you saw what happened because he ate something with garlic.

Maisy? I just don’t like the girl. Don’t get me wrong, she seems a sweet girl, but her constant fainting, her constant just going craycray about the stupidest things, her thinking she has all sorts of scary stuff, and should I go on? Really, first it was kind of funny that this girl was such a scaredycat, but after 5 (well 4.5 books) I am just getting sick and tired. I think this girl should seek professional help because really, this is just not healthy. And maybe someone should seek help for the mom as well as she is definitely a factor in the reason why her girl turned out this way.

I do think it is funny that Jodi has a different talent/hobbies in each book. From survivalling to disasters/emergencies. I am curious what kind of talents/hobbies she has in the 3 books I still need to read.

The ending was quite fun, and I am happy with what the kids did for their new headteacher. I am also happy with his reaction and how he tried to explain everything to the kids. As to what was hissing, I had a suspicion, and I was right! Haha, that fits so well with the headteacher.

And, like the other books, this book is delightfully illustrated with lots of fun and hilarious illustrations. I just love Thomas Flintham’s illustrations.

Oh, plus points to the title, I just adore it.

All in all, I would recommend this book to people. It is funny and hilarious.

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