Review for Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide to Hiking

Review for Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide to Hiking

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Oh and a note, I am sure people will complain that I am talking about it being US-centred and that I probably should have known or something. How? I can’t see anything about that on the book/description (well with the exception of Ranger Rick, but I just thought that was a cute mascot for this series or just so that children would pick it up as it looked cute, it wasn’t until I got curious after reading that I decided to look up that thing)+ I have read enough US published books that talk about stuff in a general way/making it more international.

Wanna go hiking? Ranger Rick (whoever that may be) is here to help you. If you are in the US. 😛
It was quite US-centred. For instance, I would, if I go hiking, not bring a backpack full of stuff with me that I would never use. Emergency blanket? Mountains of food/water? Clothes? Bear spray (what bears?)? Why? I mean even if you get lost my country is so tiny you will be out of the “wild’ pretty soon. 😛 I think it would be pretty hard to get lost in a small area for days, and also not even see people or houses. 😛 Sure, I will bring some water with me, and some sandwiches, candy, and some cucumbers (if walking in the summer).
Or the cellphone in the wilderness? What wilderness? I dare to bet that in my country I will pretty much have dang good internet/reception no matter where I go, as long as it is my own provider, and not wifi.

Also how the hell do people not know how to use a map or compass? Really? People don’t know that? How? Whut? How?

Lol, I guess if I ever want to truly hike I must go to America, as apparently I have never done proper hiking. 😛 Gear? My all star boots never failed the job. First Aid? What more could I want other than a few bandages or antiseptic (and my medicines)? Compass? Whut? Map? Why? Trails are clearly marked here by cute little signposts (mushrooms and other stuff).
Then again, I will stick to what I said, really it is hard to get lost here or see no people for kilometres. Even if you are in a nature part there will be houses or a road, or something nearby at least. Again, this is a very US-centred book.

Poison Ivy? I keep hearing about that plant (on tv/books/internet), but I am not even sure if we have it here. I would also rather see some other plants in a book for once, as Poison Ivy is really not the only one that stings/hurts. Like Nettles or Heracleum (also called berenklauw). What to do if you get stung by those? Get a rash by those? (I already know, but for kids it would be handy to know.)

First aid class, I am guessing in the US these are for free? Here they cost money, quite a bit at times, also the reason why I haven’t done one even if I want to do one. Plus the fact you have to do an exam + keep up with stuff (yearly I believe from what I read last time I tried seeing if the costs were lower) are what are keeping me from actually doing one.

Never hike by yourself? Sorry, but why on earth not? Sorry, I am more of a person who prefers to do stuff her own, especially in the years before my boyfriend. I guess if one lives in the US it would be handy, with all the different stuff going on there, but in my country, I don’t see the problem.

So all in all, a bit of a mixed bag, at least for me, a non-US person. Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are in the US (or maybe a country that is quite wild). No-ish if you live outside of that. Again, it is quite US-centred, but there are some good basic tips in there. Just make sure to also check your own situation in your country to see if things apply.

If in the US:

If outside:

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