Review for Seto Utsumi Vol.1

Review for Seto Utsumi Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this was quite boring. Yep, I finished it all as, for some reason or another, I just couldn’t stop reading. This book contains 7 (plus one, so 8) chapters, and most of the story is this. Two guys, Seto and Utsumi, meet up after school (or during vacation) and talk. Maybe play some badminton once (who plays badminton near a waterway?), but generally talk, talk, talk, talk, and more talking.

And they talk about all sorts of things. From the scary spider that Seto hates, to the girl, Ichigo, Seto loves, to Utsumi’s face and how he always looks like he knows everything (which he probably does), to school stuff and bullies, to how to tie a tie (which was by far the most boring chapter).

It was quite fun to see these two get closer with every talk they had, discovering more things about each other, helping Seto with his romance.

The last chapter (with unreleased material) tells us how these two met. It was quite bland as well. 😛 Utsumi was just spending some time, sat on some steps. Watched Seto (still in football team) run by, and then later sit next to him. And thus began with their talking and talking and talking.

The art was what kept me reading this manga. It was just too good. So many details, the lines were sharp, facial expressions were fun(ny), backgrounds where gorgeous and detailed. I loved it.

But all in all, wouldn’t recommend. Unless you really like to read about people just talk. 😛

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