Review for Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Re-Read)

Review for Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Re-Read)

It is time for a re-read. *dances**noms on oreos* And warning superlong review!

Normal = old review from 2015
Bold = new/comments on old review from 2018

This was a magnificent book and I really loved it.
I read a small preview on the internet and just knew that this book would be my favourite, and it is now my favourite. There is a great cast, though I didn’t particularly like every character, not even after we get their reasons.
I re-read this one as the movie is FINALLLLLLLLYY showing in the cinemas in just 3 days. I just had to grab this book and read it before I saw the movie. I wanted to refresh my memory and fill it all up with cute Simon and cute Blue and cute figuring out who Blue is. I cannot wait to watch the movie, so excited.

But first let’s start with Simon. He was a bit of an idiot, who leaves their Gmail account open for all to see. Now it is Martin, but who knows who the next would be. I hope that after this book that Simon has learnt to log off. 🙂 Other than this, Simon was a great character, he had a great personality and truly cared about his friends.
I loved his quest to find out about his sexuality, how he struggled to get through stuff, trying to figure out his place in the universe. Add to that the fact that he has a couple of overly enthusiastic parents who find everything he does absolutely fascinating. At times I felt sorry for him. He is blessed with parents who care, but there is a border on caring and being obsessed with your kid. And they tripped it quite a few times.
The whole Martin stuff, I wish he had handled it better, sure, we can see what it led to in the end, but I wish he had just said: Fuck you! or went to one of his friends. I know, it is his own business, and he also said he didn’t want to bother others, but I wish he had. Now he was stressed, worried and several other things.
I also loved that he did theatre stuff (though apparently he didn’t talk, but it is still a role).
Yep, Simon is a cutie, but he is an idiot. Rule one: Never ever leave your internet stuff open for everyone. Log out as soon as you are done, because you never know what kind of assholes will be using that PC next. I am still very much amazed that he was so secretive about it all, but then, probably in swoon mode, forgot about logging out. sighs boops Simon
But I still love Simon. Simon who is cute, smart, and funny. Though I have to say that rereading this made me spot some stuff that I didn’t see in the first read. Like that Simon is pretty harsh about straight people, or makes remarks about them. Which I just found slightly weird. You want people to not do it to you, but you are doing it to others. So yeah, I never noticed that until this read. Still I love Simon, but yeah, how the hell did I miss that in my first read?
The parents, I still quite like them, but as I said in the normal text, there is a border between obsessed and caring.
And again, I am pissed off at how he handled the Martin situation. I get that he would have to come out a bit sooner than he would have liked if he had gone to a friend, but I still would have seen him gone to someone. Abby is pretty trustworthy, and I am sure she would have helped Simon out. I just felt sorry for Simon that he was being blackmailed, and that he was so stressed and worried about it all. 🙁
Again I was loving the theatre stuff, though I would have loved it if he had a bigger role to play.

I loved the emails with Blue, they were really funny, but also at times sad. Blue also has troubles in live and he confides in Simon. At first the mails are about their lives, but as the months pass, they change. You start noticing that they started liking each other, and then slowly they try to figure out each others identity. Eventually one of them wants to meet up, and I was so sad to see the struggle, knowing you want to see that person, want to know about them, want to hold them, and know that you don’t know their identity and that the other party is saying: “No, not yet.”. It must hurt.
The mails! I always looked forward to reading those. As I said above, you can clearly see the change. First friends, then a bit more, some more like, it turns to love, and then they are trying to figure out who they are (with Blue winning, but then again Simon didn’t make it that hard for Blue to figure out who he was). As with the previous read I was pretty sad for Simon. He wanted to meet up Blue so badly, and Blue was holding away everything. Especially when you know the other person knows all about you, yet you are still in the dark. I am happy how it all came together though, and how Blue finally found the courage to meet up. And OMG I just realised I will probably cry over and over again during the movie. Oh dear.

I had great fun trying to figure out who Blue was. I had a whole bucket list of people who it could be (so many hints and so many subtle references to stuff).
While I now know who he was, due to the previous read, I still was having so much. As this time I could see everything even clearer. Where last time I was puzzling, and checking boys off my list, this time I could see that the hints clearly hinted towards that person from quite early on. That was so much fun. At times I just went, OMG how did I not notice that!. 😛 Plus it was kind of fun (though also a bit sad) to see Simon try to figure it out.

It took me some time though to figure out that Nick and Leia were of his age. For quite a few pages I thought they were older (college age), and then I found out they were actually Simon’s age. I liked Nick, he was an interesting character. I hated Leah though. And she was wondering why her friends would ditch her and do stuff without her. I would do the same if my best friend was such a bitch and would only grumble through stuff. Even later, when we found out the whys, I still couldn’t like her. Throughout the book she is insufferable and acts like no one can be friends with Simon but her. I hate it when people act like this. You are not the sole owner of a person.
Man, I totally forgot that Leah was such a BITCH. Really, how in all that is holy did I forget this? What was I thinking of even getting Leah’s book? Why did I waste my money? Ah yes, I guess I was just wildly excited to have a new book in the Simonv(er)s(e). And totally and obliviously forgot all about Leah being an absolute bitch and how the hell does she even have friends?
If anything though, reading her book, or trying and almost wanting to set fire to it, I am now hating on Leah even worse than I already did. And due to this being a re-read I saw even more bitchiness. She really doesn’t get that Simon has other friends. That she is not the sole friend. That he has the right to pick whoever the hell he wants to come out to. If he feels more at home with Abby at the moment he came out, great for him. That he is allowed to have a fun evening without you being around. Stop feeling butthurt about all sorts of stupid ass things, Leah. The world doesn’t revolve around you, even if you clearly are deluded into thinking it does. And I still wonder why people love her? Why does Simon just love her so much? He has to grovel to make stuff better with her when she finds out that the world doesn’t revolve around her. It seems like a wrong kind of relationship to have with someone. Very toxic even.

Abby was a great girl and I really loved her and how she cared about Simon and her friends.
Abby! Abby! Abby! I just loved that girl so so much. She was sweet and supportive. Smart and cute. And I loved her snark. And yes, I can imagine that she was pissed at Simon at one point. Again, he should just have told her. I loved that she was the one he went to. I loved their connection, they really have a wonderful bond. Like soulmates, just without the romance.

Martin was the second person I disliked a lot. He was a disgusting character and I hope he will have a guilty feeling, knowing he did that to someone’s life, forever. When we find out why he acted like such a douchebag, I just didn’t care about it, and I also didn’t think it was reason enough to destroy a person so much. At times I just wanted to grab an eraser and erase him from the story.
Yep, again, I hated him. Though I have to say that, due to this being a re-read, I just hated him even more. I found his actions despicable, disgusting, and horrifying. Really, there must be something wrongly wired in your head when you think it is cool to blackmail someone to get on with his best friend (who is clearly not interested in you), and then get all bitchy and creepy and stalkery. Did you really think girls are going to be into you if you pop up at any occasion? Or when they find out that you blackmailed their best friend and then did that shitty thing? Do you really think girls like that? Martin was just terrible. I hated what he did to Simon and that he then was begging for sympathy and acting like he didn’t know it would end up like this. Bro, please, I could have told you instantly that this was just a shitty thing to do and that it would end up like this. Plus his reasons? Sorry, but that is the reason why you do all that shit towards Simon? Man, oh man. Someone has issues.

The ending and the surprises that pop up there were terrific. The last parts were just straight out of a Disney movie, so much swooning and so much romance.
Yep, still 200% agree with this. That ending was just wonderful. The meeting between Blue and Simon, I was crying again. I believe that I will always cry when that beautiful, sweet, lovely moment pops up. It is just too beautifully written. OMG, I am going to cry in the movie theatre if they do it as perfect as in the book. OMG. hopefully no one will hear me weep in joy And then the later parts following the meeting. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Too bad about Leah spoiling it a bit, but eh, ignores Leah.
And that talentshow! The face Simon pulled (hopefully we will see it in the movie, and otherwise I will just continue to rely on my imagination. And then what Alice arranged for Simon and Blue. winks Oh my.

All in all, this is a great book. I would highly recommend it, it was quite realistic and the last parts will make you swoon, well, the emails will eventually do that too, but that ending. swoons
Yep, once again, REEEEADDDDD THISSSSSS!! cough I mean, if you want to shoves book in people’s hands. This was just the best, and on top of that, I am rating this one a bit higher than last time. I am giving it 5+ stars! As it is just the best book ever. One of my favourites. Something I will be rereading in a few years again.

I will leave you with some of my favourite quotes:

“The way I feel about him is like a heartbeat — soft and persistent, underlying everything.”

“People are shameless when it comes to cake. It’s a beautiful thing to see.”

“It feels like we’re the last survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Wonder Woman and a gay dementor. It doesn’t bode well for the survival of the species.”

“I try not to change, but I keep changing, in all these tiny ways…And every freaking time, I have to reintroduce myself to the universe all over again.”

“Then he smiles and I smile. And then I blush and he lowers his eyes, and it’s like this entire pantomime of nervous gestures.”

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