Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: Super Dog

Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: Super Dog

Three wonderful, funny stories involving dogs, potato mash, eggs!

Story 1: Super Dog: 4.5 stars. A dog is loose around the school. Only it is quite a magical dog as it appears and disappears and pops up at some impossible places (or is that just the kids going all excited and seeing stuff). I had quite a laugh at how the kids thought the dog was super, and that he was also a healer. 😛 Yep, I am more like the teacher. Down to earth. I do think it was good that the teacher also gave an explanation on why things got better for the kids when they saw the dog. Sure, the kids didn’t listen/nor believe her, but at least she tried to put some reasoning in their heads. The ending had me laughing. I just love how the author writes her endings to these short stories.

Story 2: Mystery Mash: 4.5 stars. This is making me happy that we don’t have these lunches/dinners in schools. We just bring our own sandwiches (or other food), or go to a store nearby when in high school. No mystery meats, no mystery mashes, just your own sandwich or food. In this one the kids are distrusting of a potato mash. I can imagine, it didn’t look that good. It was quite funny what kind of tests they performed on the mash, and also what the teachers and lunch ladies did. Finola was pretty dang awesome. Tiny, but she has the moves of a spy.
The ending was fun, and I am happy with the decision made. Maybe they should have given some mash to each kid to have the parents taste it so they also know how terrible the stuff is.

Story 3: The Alien Egg: 4.5 stars. The kids have to take an egg with them for the Egg and Spoon race and one of the kids has a very special egg. I was quite curious what was up with the egg, I was definitely on the side of the kids on it being an alien egg. Especially when we found out what was actually going on. Ewww, disgusting as hell. I would have much preferred the explanation of an alien egg instead of what it turned out to be. 😛 I hope that our girl will learn from this and also from the talk the teacher had afterwards. Some things are just not meant as a good luck charm. Definitely not. I did have a laugh at how the kids almost ran away from the girl while in the race. All to get away from potential alien tentacles.

This time the illustrations/book’s colour is red! Such a great colour and perfect for the stories we have in this book. I think that after a few books people know that I love Becka Moor’s art, and here I go, mentioned it again. 😉

All in all, recommended! And I do hope we get more Wigglesbottom Primary. I need more hilarious stories.

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