Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: The Magic Hamster

Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: The Magic Hamster

Another delightful book about Wigglesbottom Primary. Hamsters, Flies, and robots, oh my!

When I had to pick some new books to buy for this June month, I decided to go for the two books of this series that I still needed. Plus, how could I resist this one? It features one of my favourite animals, hamsters. A whole story about one even!

The Magic Hamster: 5+ stars. Yes, I am giving more points because it is a story about a hamster. Sorry, the hamster hypnotised me, but look how adorable he is. Awwwwwww. feeds him some more sunflower seeds I loved how all the kids fell head over heels with Ravioli, and how some of them then thought he had magical powers. I knew it wasn’t magical powers, but I knew it had to be adorable powers, as hamsters are adorable. I know I cannot resist giving my tiny hamster a bit more noms when she looks at me. 🙂 I was a bit surprised that the hamster squeaked so much (and so loudly). I have had quite a few hamsters in my life, but I have only ever heard them squeak when they were hurting (like that one time one of my hamsters got his paw stuck), or something wasn’t well with them. They also squeak softly at times, but you can barely hear that.
I had a laugh at the chaos that happened when one of the kids got bit, and I loved how the teacher handled the situation. Good job to the teacher, and also immediately getting the hamster from his safe spot so the kids get used to him again (and say sorry).

Fly Girl: 4.5 stars. A delightful story about a girl who eats a bug and how her classmates think she is going to turn into a fly (or maybe even something else). I had such a laugh reading this one, especially as things turned weirder and weirder. Those kids are hilarious and have the best imaginations. Of course like all the stories there is a logical explanation to Evie’s weird behaviour, and I can imagine that she may be a bit green (though I have to say reading that as the last part of the story had me laughing, those kids are not giving up on their theory, are they? :P).

Robot Boy: 5 stars. Aww, this was a cute and sweet story. I knew right away what was going on with Theo and why he was bleeping and acting a bit weird. I loved that the teacher did that for him, that she allowed that. I loved what the kids thought though, and while it was farfetched, I could understand why they thought what they did. I had quite a laugh at how far they took it, and then their surprise when they learned the truth about what was going on with Theo. But of course, seeing that picture led to a new case of robotnoia.

This time the colour of the book and the illustrations is Yellow! I just love that each book has its own colour.

The illustrations, well, I just adored them. Becka Moor’s illustrations just fit perfectly with this story, this class, these kids and their imagination.

All in all, I can’t wait to read the next book, and I hope that there will be many more Wigglesbottom Primary books in the future. I need more!

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