Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-6-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-6-2018

Evening all,

Yes, a bit late, sorry, so sorry. This has been one hell of a week (but it certainly was, with the exception of one evening and one day, a very wonderful week filled with tons of things), and my mind is not at all awake/around. But I still want to give my readers my TBR updates, so here we go!

My paper TBR: Well, it went down to one, until Friday, then it moved up to three books. I moved It’s A Wrap to my Summer TBR as that one really, really needs books. I read Bad Mermaids on the Rocks and Claire: Maak Plaats!. I bought two new books, Sylvia Wittemans: Er speelde nog net geen orgel en Daphne Dekkers Sterrenstof.

My Kindle TBR: Currently reading The Brightsiders (at 40%). I read: A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting #2, Her Outback Playboy. I tried and dropped The Trouble with Unicorns, and I may also drop A Bad Boy Stole My Bra. Yep, I am having a bit of a eh time with my review copies. sighs

This week I mostly grabbed my library books as I was quite behind on them (the “problem” with multiple libraries).

So this week’s TBR pile. I got new books to read, and I also bought some new books on Amazon that will probably arrive coming week. I also updated my Kindle TBR to include a few new books that I hope to read this week.

And that is it for this week’s STU! Thank you for reading, and until next week!

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