Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 3-6-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 3-6-2018


It is Sunday! I can share my TBR updates with my readers again. I am just loving this post so much. Plus it gives me much more insight in my TBR and how it is growing/slinking.

From my Paper TBR I read nothing, wasn’t in the mood for a Train Your Dragon book, nor in a sci-fi book, and my new books didn’t arrive until Wednesday/Thursday. So this week my list only grew. Yay, for paychecks and buying books.

As for my Kindle TBR, I read and finished: Pleasure Games, Bedroom Games, Ice Games, I Wanna Get Laid by Kade (yep, I am really into Reality TV shows books this week). Tried and DNF-ed Savage Island and Brave (by Jennifer L. Armentrout). I am quite sad about both, though I feel even sadder that I dropped out of Brave, I have been looking forward to that book ever since I heard about it, and I have been wanting to see how it all ended. But the MC was just not fun, it reminded me a lot of A Court of Thorns and Roses’ second book. And also tried and dropped a few others (but those I won’t mention as, unlike Savage Island, I only got to a few %). So this week was a real Kindle week, which was a delight, as I have quite a few books on there + on Calibre that I still want to read/try out.

So this week’s TBR pile. Instead of showing all the How To Train Your Dragon I want to read, I am now only going to show the one that I need to read next. And also a brand-new top 6 Kindle books, well, mostly new, there are still 2 books on there from last week.

And that is this for this week’s Sunday TBR Updates. I got a lot of new things to read, and I can’t wait to get started on them! I wish all my readers a fabulous Sunday, and until next week~

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