Waiting on Wednesday ~ Giant Days: Extra Credit

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Giant Days: Extra Credit


Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday. And boy, I am still fangirling when I found out about this book. Giant Days is getting a special book featuring several shorts and bonus material. I really need to know what kind of bonus material will be included. One of the shorts included is one that I already read recently (the one in which our girls weren’t friends).

I just adore Giant Days, and I cannot wait for this one to come out. Ahhh, can it be June 26th already, oh wait, that would mean we would have skipped the 22th, and I don’t want that (my boyfriend and I are 9 years together that day). No, let’s just patiently wait (what is patience? twitches).

Also dang, that cover. Esther, no no girl, humans can’t fly. 😛 Hold on tight Susan and Daisy!

Head back to school with Esther, Susan, and Daisy in this collection of shorts and bonus material from Eisner-nominated series Giant Days.

Featuring “universally beloved” terror Desmond Fishmen, the magic of London at Christmastime, off-beat music festivals, and an extra-special what-if story in which Susan, Esther, and Daisy never became friends!

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