What I Hope To Read July 2018

What I Hope To Read July 2018

Hello all,

June is almost leaving the building and making way for July! My vacation in August is getting closer and closer and I am scrambling to find all the books to bring with me. June was a fantastic month, I read a lot, there were many days with great weather, my boyfriend proposed to me on Friday during our 9th anniversary (I said yes, of course), and so many other things. Squee!

This month, unlike last month, I just couldn’t cut back on books. I want to read all these books, so crossing fingers I will be able to read them. I am also loving that so many are mystery or horror, July will just be a month of goosebumps (though if the temperatures get to summer temperatures I wouldn’t mind it that much).

I have one pre-order (Gravity Falls), and one book that I definitely want to pre-order as soon as I can (Making Friends).

As for my wish from last time to be able to read all the books, well, that one was a bit of a success, kind of. I read 2 books from the list (well, 2.5 if you count the Giant Days extra credit which also includes some shorts I already read). I dropped two books: Bookshop Girl and Mariam Sharma. I am still waiting for Save the Date to go to a normal price, I am still not sure if I should just buy Cardboard Kingdom/Babysitting Nightmares as I am really eager to read both books. Incorrigible Children, on the one hand I want to finish the series and be over with it, on the other hand I just don’t want to read it. And as for the other 4 books I just didn’t manage to find them. Let’s see how much I can read from July’s batch of books. Though I may also choose to save a few for my vacation (yes, I am also bringing my ereader with me).

Now back to July’s books, I really can’t wait for them to come out. I hope I can find some new gems between them (especially a few new horror gems).

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