Library Haul 10-7-2018

Library Haul 10-7-2018

Evening everyone!

Guys, guys, my Library #4 haul has been the best in weeks!! Eep!! They had all sorts of new books on their online catalogue and I couldn’t wait to visit. Today was the day.

I found 2 books quite easily, but I had to do some effort to get three other new books. Apparently they were still on one big pile one of the librarian’s desks (she still needs to check them but apparently hasn’t been around for a few days). But they were kind enough to grab them for me and give them to me. It is probably because they know I will blog about the books/review them.

After that I still had room for 3 books so I decided to go around the library once more to see if I could find more. Spoiler: I did! One book at the children’s department, 1 at the new releases table (for adults), and the last one at the adult/non-fiction section. What a haul!

I can’t wait to get to reading these books, I am so excited.

Stats; 8 books. 1 picture book, 1 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

Klaproos by Anne-Fleur van der Heiden
Berichten uit het tussenhuisje by Henk van Straten
Kaat en Ko op zoek naar de schat by Vivian den Hollander, Saskia Halfmouw
Het Logboek van Billy Donderbus by Reggie Naus, Mark Janssen
Een geheim doosje by Sanne Bakker
Paniek in de tent by Anke Kranendonk
De horrorhoeve by Tjerk Noordraven
Een schildpad was zijn schildje kwijt by Marjet Huiberts, Carmen Saldana

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