Library Haul 3-7-2018

Library Haul 3-7-2018

Evening all,

Phew, today was superbusy and stressful. I decided I needed a bit of a book fix, so Library #4 it was. It has been 2 weeks since I last visited, so I needed new books!

Sadly, my book fix wasn’t really met. There weren’t any new books, but in the end I did find 4 books that seemed relatively interesting. I hope next week they have some new books. crosses fingers

Sorry for the short post, very tired, and the library visit was just too disappointing.

Stats: 4 books. 1 non-fiction, 3 fiction.

Super kid 2 – Een meesterplan by Jeremy Strong
De snelle pony by Gertrud Jetten
Kom maar mee by Holly M. McGhee, Pascal Lemaître
Wie is hier de grootste? by Daniela Strauss

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