Review for 10 Dance Vol.1

Review for 10 Dance Vol.1

Meet Suzuki Shinya and Sugiki Shinya. It is time for them to dance! swoons

I just couldn’t resist checking this one out when I found out about it. A dance manga? One with mxm coupling? Um, hello? Where do I sign up?!

What happens when two amazing dancers decide to pair up, or at least try to teach each other the skills they are amazing in. For one that is Latin dance, for the other that is waltz/standard. It may work out in normal situations were it not that these guys aren’t too fond of each other. 😛 They are both really proud of their own dances and so are really unhappy when the other doesn’t seem to be able to do it (or do it right). I had such a laugh when they were commenting on how much their bodies were touching (even commenting about the dicks touching and jumping away in obvious NOPE), in the mean time the girls (the men’s official partners) didn’t even care about their bodies touching. Or when Suzuki just strips his torso and draws lines on it to show how Sugiki should dance, how his abs and body should move.
As the story continues we see the guys work hard on their dances, together, or alone. Their connection is getting better and my heart was just babumping all the way as they really dance supersexy. Plus their banter makes everything way more fun and interesting. I just can’t wait for these two guys to get together, fall in love, and kiss. And I would definitely like it if they break the standard and just dance together in competitions.

At times I was a bit confused, sure, these guys don’t look the same, but their names are so close together. Plus their personalities are also quite close together (even if they would deny it).

I liked learning more about both the characters. From how Sugiki started and how he always gets second place, to Suzuki who was born in Cuba and how he first was a pretty chaotic dancer and then turned pro (though still has the tendency to let his hot Latino roots show).

Big points to the art, whereas I love Ballroom e Youkoso, this one did so much better on the bodies and the movements. No strange weird body proportions or weird dancing (which made me laugh at more than one occasion, and not always the right one), instead everything is tight and gorgeous. The dances are glittery and shiny and sensual (well, when they get it right) and I just adore how well the artist draws the motions and the bodies.

Will I continue? Um, definitely. As I said at times confused as the names of these guys are very close to each other, but I want to see these guys get together. I want to see them hug and kiss and get way loveydovey. I want to see more sexy dances. I want to see them enter competitions and wear flamboyant outfits. I want more bantering.

All in all, if you are into a funny, sexy, dancing manga and don’t mind a m x m coupling, be sure to check this one out!

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