Review for Benji and the Giant Kite

Review for Benji and the Giant Kite

I read this one in Dutch, but I will be writing my review in English.

So is this a new Benji book? I have read the book about him starting gardening and growing a giant squash. However in this one it seems like he isn’t that eager to garden when he has to for his mom, which seemed odd as he LOVED gardening in that other book. I would think, given he loves gardening, having to work for so long wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Also this book isn’t just about the giant kite. We actually see Benji run around on the beach with various kites that he has gotten from the store. Given the title I had expected it to be just about this big kite, so I was happily surprised to see that there is more to it than that.

Poor Benji though, kiting isn’t the easiest, you need the right amount of wind, not too many people or trees (especially those evil trees) around you, but when it works it is just the best thing to do. See a beautiful kite go up, see it hover and float in the air.

I did think it was kind of ridiculous that Benji did that to the kite he worked so hard on getting. Sorry, but who thought that was a good ending to the story?

The art is still fabulous. I still think it is fun that the art is done by a Dutch illustrator!

All in all, I still enjoyed this book, but there were just a few things that seemed odd to me. So instead of 4.5 stars it was at the beginning of the story, I am going for 3.5 stars.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see what other adventures Benji is going to have, hopefully there will be more books.

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