Review for Between Tick and Tock

Review for Between Tick and Tock

I read this one in Dutch, but will write a review for this book in English.

A book about time, about a city, about a little girl, but also about much more. Since I didn’t really read the blurb, I hadn’t expected the magical element, namely the fact that the girl can stop time.

But first we see a busy city. Things go awry from a cat in a tree, to a lost puppy, to lots of greyness. We see a girl watching it all, high in her clock-tower. And then, she flips a switch. Yes, this girl can control time. With just the flip of a switch she can start and stop time. But she doesn’t abuse this power, though then again, we just see one moment of it, so who knows. 😛 Maybe she does use it for herself, to just get that one special limited edition bread, or maybe get first in a book signing. You never know. But back to this moment, she is ready to set some things right.

The things I mentioned she will fix, and not only that, but tons of other things, and I can say that I was just grinning madly at how sweet this girl was for all she does for this town.

I also like that there is a time limit on how long the time can be stopped. It makes it just a bit more fun and interesting. Plus you really have to plan on what you want to do, and maybe leave some things to fix themselves.

I wonder if the city people know about the girl’s powers, or if they are oblivious to it all. It would be kind of interesting if they do know, or that there are a few that are in on the secret.

The art was at times quite pretty, especially when we get closer to scenes.

All in all, a magical book about time, about correcting things, and about a sweet girl with her heart in the right spot.

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