Review for Gal☆Clea! Vol.1

Review for Gal☆Clea! Vol.1

Gal x cleaning x boy, what could possibly go wrong here?

I always love manga (and anime) about gals. I would love to meet up with a real gal one day, see if they are really as flamboyant as they often are in manga/anime.

In this one a gal who can’t clean for life gets help from her classmate, Kaji. He doesn’t like gals, but he has to bring some homework to her when she is sick and ends up helping her clean her room when he sees the pigsty it is. Well, I say helping her, but all she does is being amazed at what he does. 😛

We then get a typical twist that we have seen in more anime/manga, Kaji’s dad is in debt (and has run away) and Kaji has to live somewhere else. You may guess whose house he is going to be living in for now. And thus the chaos truly starts. A boy and a girl living together? In a house so filthy that it amazes me it is still standing.

I wasn’t always a fan of the gal, Iega, mostly because how she treated Kaji. For instance getting his name constantly wrong even after him telling her many times his correct name. But also making, or actually practically forcing him to clean for her (as she can’t clean for life). Of course she is grateful that he cleans for her, and that he helps her out. But eventually I started liking her more and more, and she showed some sweet kindness in chapter 7 when Kaji is sick. I also liked that she tried on some more simple/plain clothes, just for him as he has told her he prefers that. And she always thanks him for what he does.

Kaji was an interesting character but a bit of a doormat. I would definitely like to see him grow a bit of a spine. Tell Iega no for once. Or let her help instead of having her just watch while he does everything. I had a bit of a laugh that he is always saying he has no interest in gals yet he is constantly bleeding to death or getting super flustered when he sees Iega.

We get all sorts of tips on how to clean a house. From cleaning oil spills with flour to cleaning up a bathroom with plastic wrap. I quite like those. Kaji sure knows a lot of interesting things about cleaning.

Oh, a definite change from how the father/parents in debt trope goes. Nicely done!

The art is pretty great, though I do wonder, are those starts tattooed on Iega’s skin? As she has them all the time and even bathes and sleeps with them.

I am still a bit on the fence if I will continue this one. It was pretty nice, but again I had some issues. Plus I am just not sure if I want to read about cleaning all the time.

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