Review for Giant Days Vol.1

Review for Giant Days Vol.1

Decided it was time for a reread and also high time for me to write a review for this volume.

Starting with Volume 3 I wrote reviews for this series, but volume 1 and 2 were very empty of review, so I am now going to fix that by re-reading these two volumes. And then eagerly wait for more Giant Days (only a bit longer for a new volume, eep!).

In this one our girls’ friendship is pretty much established. The college/university has started 3 weeks ago, and these 3 are best of friends. We see some flashbacks to what happened in the past 3 weeks, including Esther and her breaking up with her high school sweetheart (kind of curious what he did, did he cheat?).

Esther’s dramafield is just way too epic, though I can imagine it may not always be fun to always cause so much drama around you. I had such a laugh about the chaos that erupted when Susan threw Esther’s pass on the floor of the dining hall. Dang, that is some power.

We see our girls also get their first flu from hell. Especially Esther was totally out of it. Followed by Daisy who seemed to be quite high due to illness + weird pills. Susan mostly has a problem with not being able to smoke (oh no, not addicted, keep telling yourself that girl).

I wonder what happened to the baby bird as we don’t hear anything about it.

I couldn’t breathe and practically fell on the floor laughing when that happened during that Law lecture. Oh, man, those boys are fucked. RIP them, maybe next time they will think about things before making a list about freshmen girls and their phone numbers. That is just a big, giant no-no.
I have to say I was disgusted by the lack of caring from the director of the college/university. Someone comes to you about a problem and you don’t care or think it is just all fun and games? Really? Maybe you should go with the times for once, check up on things instead of dismissing it.
So I am all rooting for Susan and her brilliant plans.

I just adore Esther’s clothing style, and dang those boots I can imagine she bought those. I would love to have those.

Daisy, I just love this girl. She is a bit awkward, but she is adorable. And whereas in the older volumes she is more comfortable with liking girls you saw she wasn’t sure about her feelings in this one. I am glad she could talk to her friends about it. And I am also happy that eventually she can accept and come out and proud.
I had such a laugh when she got high as a kite. Dang girl, maybe you shouldn’t have taken 3 of those pills in one go? Then again, I am sure it is a learning experience. 😛

Susan was a bit hit and miss in this one. Especially her attitude towards McGraw. I knew what had happened (as this is a re-read), but I was still very much pissed at her attitude. I get that the dude did that, but hello? He is allowed to say no. No need to burn him down all the way, and even flame him on some man-burning magazine of yours while all he has been doing is being kind and helpful. Of course she is still a good girl, and I love how she is helping her friends.

Poor Ed. In love with Esther, but she clearly has no interest in him.

The art is fabulous, though you can see the improvement between this volume and the latest one.

All in all, I will be re-reading volume 2 very soon, and I would recommend this one (and the whole series) to everyone.

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