Review for Giant Days Vol.2

Review for Giant Days Vol.2

The first semester continues for our girls and they get in all sorts of problems, adventures, hilarious situations, some sex, and more!

This a re-read, and funny, I just noticed that it has been 2 years and 2 months since I last read this volume 2!

I have to say that, according to my notes from previous time, I enjoyed myself a lot more the previous time I read this. This was mostly due to the second chapter, or issue 6. That one was just a hot mess in my eyes. It started off pretty well, but it quickly derailed when Susan was kidnapped (?????) by some crazy lady she has a vendetta with. Even McGraw gets hurt. Her friends and McGraw have to save her, she almost flies of a building, and it was just too much for me. I had a laugh at that last panel though: Esther: “I’ve not been to a lecture… since November?” Well, girl, get to studying or you are screwed!

The first chapter, or issues 5, was just too fun (and was my favourite) as our girls go find dresses for the ball and then the ball starts. Esther really did amazing with the dresses. Her “brother” sure fixed them up.
I felt sorry for Daisy, it must be hard to see your crush with another girl. I just wanted to hug Daisy. But then I wanted to shake her for that mistake. No, no no no no no, I get you are confused but this is not going to be helping.
Of course, as this is the university, there is also some annoying men who think it is totally fine to make bets about who is going to have sex with x girl. Disgusting pigs. 😐
And lastly Susan gets it on with that guy? Not a big surprise to me as this is a re-read. But it was still so much fun to see! Go go Susan!

Oh Esther. snorts Daisy: Remember, it’s New Testament studies, Esther! How are you going to get right with God if you’re listening to Satan songs? Esther: They’re only Satanic… in a fun way.

I am a bit pissed off with Esther though, I just want her to take things a bit more serious. And yes, I get that isn’t as fun as prancing around town with hot boys and dancing to Satanic music, but come on.

While I normally love McGraw, I thought him a tad too weird in this one. Since we have seen the flashback he must be as old as Susan, yet he is acting like a lumberjack in his 60s. He really quite reminds me of Ron Swanson, just without the perpetual grumpy act. Though I have to say it was sweet what he did for Susan, but I am quite sure he is regretting it.

The art was a bit hit and miss. At times the characters looked more like themselves than other times. Sometimes the art seems a bit stiff, if that is the right word? One-dimensional? Ergh, I just can’t come up with the word, not in Dutch, nor in English. So I will just go for stiff/one dimensional for now.

All in all, I still really enjoyed reading this volume, and now it is waiting until the newest volume comes out. With this one I now got a review for each volume currently out and read.

A bonus image for my blog, I just snorted when she said this, and her expression🤣.

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