Review for Glow in the Dark: Voyage through Space

Review for Glow in the Dark: Voyage through Space

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, this was even better than I had hoped. What I had expected (given the cover): lots of gorgeous space photography as we travel our universe (with maybe a few illustrations here and there). Instead we travel the universe with a sweet girl, her dog, and absolutely stunning illustrations! No photographs at all!

Come explore with the girl and her dog as we travel from the sun (hot hot hot) to the last one, the Kuiper Belt (which features Pluto). I loved finding the girl in the illustrations, sometimes she was quite tiny so you had to look around. I loved that she at times, if the planet allowed it, was seen stepping on the planet. And at times she was just sitting and relaxing on an asteroid.

What I did think was a shame was that they clumped Earth and Moon together. I kind of get why they did it, as the girl came from Earth. But I would have liked to see her take a pit stop in between her journey and tell us about Earth. Or maybe end it with Earth? Though that would be kind of weird as we go from Sun to Kuiper Belt, but I guess in the end would make sense.

Each planet (or belt) has a short story and all sorts of fun facts spread around the illustrations. Some facts were a bit hard to read, but generally they were easily readable (sometimes they were in a box).

The illustrations are just gorgeous! Really stunning.

I just wish I could see the Glow in the Dark poster (and in real life or else it wouldn’t work of course).

All in all, I would highly recommend this fun, delightful, and did I mention stunningly gorgeous book to everyone.

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