Review for Himitsu Shoujo

Review for Himitsu Shoujo

6 short stories with some cute romance, but it just wasn’t my favourite read of that day.

This manga consists of 6 stories. All girl x girl (so shoujo-ai/yuri). I am in a bit of a mood for these stories, so I was happy when I spotted this one. I was instant in love with the cover, and while I read, also fell in love with the art within.

But in the end I was disappointed in the stories. They had potential, plus they were pretty cute, but the stories just were often too short to really enjoy them. For instance you would finally be into the story, rooting for the characters, and then boom, story over. Sometimes you would get so close to a kiss, or a sexy scene, but then it just stops. So this one liked teasing a lot, and only a few times giving us that sweet and cute romance. And yes, I get that this is a short story collection, but that doesn’t have to mean that things don’t get the correct endings or have their stories worked out better. I have read enough short story collections that did work.

I did have one favourite story and that was the Don’t Make Me Fall In Love For You, which is the 4th story. It reminded me a lot of the amazing Strawberry Panic. A transfer student who finds her a new target of the most popular girl in school. But unlike Strawberry Panic our popular girl respects and gives the transfer student time to see if she really wants this romance and love. Which I definitely loved. Good job!

The art is absolutely gorgeous though. I just adore the style. It reminds me a bit of two artists (and what you would get if you combined them): Arina Tanemura and Mikiyo Tsuda.

I did like that one theme in this book was to accept your sexuality. That it isn’t wrong to like girls if you are a girl (even if society says so). You should love whoever you want to love. And that made me smile.

So all in all, not the best read that day, but there were still things I liked so for now I will rate it 2.5 stars.

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