Review for How To Marry a Werewolf

Review for How To Marry a Werewolf

One human girl, one werewolf, 2 broken people, 1 budding romance!

I was so so so so so (x infinity) excited about this book. OK, I was a bit worried about Channing being the werewolf in the spotlight, he just never was that much of a favourite of mine. But I know that Gail Carriger will write something that will work out. And it did!

Meet Faith, a girl from America who is being shipped to England due to something that happened in America, something her parents don’t approve of (then again, it seems these parents don’t approve to a lot of Faith’s things). She has to net herself a werewolf. Yep. And sure, those are also around in America (though without fancy titles like in England), but her parents just want her away.
I loved LOVED Faith from the moment we meet her. She has snark, she is fun, she is sweet, and how can I resist who collects rocks/minerals and even writes things about it, and also wears more comfortable clothing (like split skirts, or dresses made for biking and walking).
I felt sorry for what she had to go through, how her parents treated her. Especially seeing her with her cousin, and the Iftercasts. She saw how a family should be, she saw herself being accepted, they didn’t care what happened, they just threw so much love at her, and I was kind of sad that she was just confused and unsure about the situation. She just didn’t believe they could be so kind, especially after all that happened to her.
It was so much fun seeing her meet Biffy, and how he accepted her instantly and made her a style icon to watch out for.

Channing? Well, I never liked him, but after this book? I adored him! I finally understand him, I finally see why he acts the way he did. Why he is so cold and hard towards many people. Plus I loved that we saw another side to him. Protective, passionate, sweet, and a pretty dang good lover. I loved how kind he was towards Faith, though I have to say that when things got heated I wanted to hit him on the head for doing what he did. Later on I could get a big more sympathy, but I still think he could have done better during that moment. Faith is already unsure about guys and herself, and this is definitely not helping. But thanks Gail Carriger for making Channing human, for making him wonderful, for writing him the way you did. You still see the old Channing, the one I didn’t love that much, but I can now understand him, and he shows that he can be really caring.

Channing x Faith? They were just too perfect together. It was a bit hilarious that she thought Channing was a vampire at first (RIP him), but then she gave him a chance, and then she was stuck with him. I had such a laugh at how protective Channing was. How he practically growled and probably would have gone wolf just to make sure Faith was his. It was also cute how he loved her scent (and could describe it into details). And Faith just fitted so well with him. She wants a strong man, a man who is a bit dangerous. I was just rooting for them, cheering, and swooning at the sexy scenes.

It was fun to see the pack again, especially Biffy and Lyall. It was just so much fun seeing Biffy be a wonderful Alpha, and try to help out Channing. Though also teasing him and making fun of him (then again, he did deserve it). I had such a laugh when he did that during that dinner party. Go go Biffy. I am happy to see that Biffy now fully is an Alpha and has accepted the role with grace. He is such a great Alpha. And seeing him with Lyall again? Seeing those sweet moments between them, awwwww swoons.

The Iftercasts? cheers for this family I so hope we see more of Teddy, I just adored the girl. She was just too kind towards her cousin, gave her the room she needed, and when things happened she was there for Faith. They were such a good match, they were both girls who liked to do things a bit differently. Where Faith loves collecting rocks/minerals, Teddy loves riding horses (and would probably prefer to ride forever).

Faith’s parents. Urghhh, that is all I will say. 😐

I loved that Gail Carriger doesn’t spill the beans on these characters instantly. Instead we slowly find out things about both of them, why they are acting the way they do, the reasons for why Faith had to go to London and net a werewolf, why Channing is so grumpy and cold. And then when the time is right we find out the whole truth about these characters.

I have to say that I cried quite a few times during this book, especially later on. When Faith confesses what happened to her, and also when Channing confided with Faith about his past, about his wife and daughter. And of course when they got married. Oh my gosh!

Oh and then there was also the mystery of the sundowner bullets. I was definitely not as interested in that subplot, but I still like that it was added to the mix.

The ending, oh my gosh! It was just the best, I am so happy with how everything came together, and happy that we also saw the wedding between Faith and Channing. And no, this is not a spoiler, you know from the moment you read this it will have a happy ending. You just know that these two characters will get together. There will be lots of happiness and joy in the end.

Bonus points to chapter titles, or should I say steps? For instance Step Six: Take Your Werewolf Into The Garden for an Airing They Must Be Exercised Regularly. Or Step Three: If You Must Be Bait, Be Very Stylish Bait. 😛

I also love that Gail Carriger always tells the reader where the book falls chronologically.

Phew, this review got so long. And I could probably just talk on and on about this book for a long time. swoons and squeals This is one book I just want to read again and again. I loved the characters, I loved the romance, I loved everything. I would highly recommend this one to everyone.

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