Review for Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? Vol.1

Review for Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Eep! This was one of the manga that I was very excited about ever since Kodansha licensed it a few months ago. Sure, I was less happy that it seemed to be digital only, but eh. 😛

This one is about two girls, twins, who run an estate agency in Kichijoji. They run the estate agency in their own way. You may expect them to always be neatly dressed and ready for you, but the truth is that these girls, during moments of nothingness, sleep, eat, or generally hang around. But don’t worry, these girls are pros. These girls, and their colleague, will help you find a home that you will just love to bits. And not only that, because they will also promote a neighbourhood (every chapter has a new one) and totally make you want to move there instantly (and make me want to visit Japan even more).

As the title already says, this manga will not just feature Kichijoji. Oh no. While the girls have their estate agency there, and they are willing to help you find something in Kichijoji, and of course complain about the changes happening, they will quickly sweep (or kidnap) you to a whole new neighbourhood, based on your preferences/style/age/gender (as they do want to find a safe neighbourhood that makes you feel safe and we girls wouldn’t like a shady neighbourhood). Yep, these girls can, with just a few words, a bit of conversation, find a neighbourhood that fits within your price range and has that one house that makes you totally happy. Oftentimes with the help of other real estate agents that have control over that area/have houses in that area.

I loved that these girls were professional, but weren’t afraid to treat their customer to a nice snack or meal and then hold a casual (but still mostly serious) conversation about all things.

The guy who works with the girls? Dang, he is just amazing with the PC. Within seconds he can find tons of available apartments for you in or near Kichioji. He is a true search demon. Google is probably jealous of his superskills.

I know the prices in Tokyo were crazy, but seeing it confirmed once again, and then see how freaking tiny these apartments are for that price. Dang, I can’t imagine spending so much on such a tiny room with the bare necessities. I can understand though that people are still willing to throw down so much money, it is Tokyo, and it is a wonderful big city.

Each chapter is about a new person looking for a change. And each chapter also ends with the person taking whatever apartment they saw that took their fancy. I loved that they sometimes even texted with the twins to let them know they were having a good time.

Another fun thing is that each chapter also gives us real life locations (often the ones we saw, but sometimes new ones) that you could visit if you were in the neighbourhood. I just adore that they did this and that the mangaka even picked stores/shops/restaurants that truly exist in that neighbourhood.

I liked that we don’t just see the real estate stuff we also get to know the twins a bit more. We see them ponder about weight, going to that concert (or all the concerts), if they should also move or stay, we see them walk around the neighbourhood, talk to locals, and more.

The art is just fantastic, I really love the style. The backgrounds/scenery are just gorgeous. You don’t always want to flip over the next page when you are done, you just want to gaze at it a bit longer.

All in all, I need more! So much more. I would highly recommend this manga, and I can’t wait until the next volume.

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