Review for Joshikousei no Mudadzuki Vol.1

Review for Joshikousei no Mudadzuki Vol.1

A manga about the daily lives of 5 girls (and some people around them).

I am not entirely sure if I liked this one or not. It was a bit like Nichijou. Sometimes the humour works, sometimes it just flies right by and crashes into the nearest wall and dies. Sometimes I liked the characters, but other times I just wanted to erase them. 😛

Meet Ota, Robo, Baka, Loli, Yamai. Or using their normal names: Sakuchi, Saginomiya, Tanaka, Saku, and Yamamoto. I am guessing that we will meet more people and the nicknames Baka, or Tanaka, has given them (and no she hasn’t named herself Baka, that was made up by her friends after they got tired of her crap).

So far my favourite girl is the chuunibyou who keeps thinking she is a dragon warrior and the cat she always meets on her way to school is a messenger. This girl is pretty craycray and thinks up the most hilarious things. It must be kind of fun to have an alternate reality to go to.

The loli girl is pretty much as I had expected. She is tiny but she is a big deredere. I had a laugh at how she tried to act all high and mighty but, when faced with Baka, she totally stuttered and didn’t know what to do. It was quite hilarious that everyone in the class started calling her Loli, of course I felt a bit sorry for her, but it was just too fitting with her height.

Throughout the chapters we see the zany, and at times a bit bland (again, humour doesn’t always work), things these girls get up to.

We also see our teacher, and I did think he was a bit creepy at times. But I also felt sorry for the guy, I mean, he is trying his hardest and he is stuck with these idiots. Good luck sensei! You will need it. There is also another thing about our teacher (at least I believe it is the teacher), but I won’t spoil anything. Just read the manga to find out.

The art is pretty OK. At times it is a bit weird/seems off, but I guess it does fit the story and the characters.

All in all, I still had fun reading it, but I am just not sure if I want to continue. Guess I will at least give the second volume a try before I decide.

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