Review for Luke and Lottie: It’s Halloween!

Review for Luke and Lottie: It’s Halloween!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

It is a bit early for Halloween (not that it is really celebrated here), but I just couldn’t resist this one any longer. Not only because it is super hot here and I am melting, so I could use a book about spooks and ghouls and fall, but also because I just adore Ruth Wielockx’ books.

This one was just so adorable, we follow Luke and Lottie as they celebrate Halloween. We see them mentioning their outfits way before the trick or treating (Witch and Ghost), but before they can actually wear them there is still enough to do this day. Yep. Halloween isn’t just about trick or treating as Luke and Lottie will show us.

A home cannot be Halloween ready if there are no decorations, but let’s also not forget the delicious treats (I did like that the treats were healthy (but I do wonder how long the banana ghosts will stay that way or give up the ghost :P), though I would have loved see some unhealthy treats as well), pumpkins and carving them (which I tried last year for the first time and was a messy but fun activity), I had so much fun seeing Luke and Lottie’s family go all out for Halloween.

Definitely adored that the dad also participated with dressing up. Quite often in books/movies/series I see parents just stroll around with the kids while wearing their normal outfit, but not this dad. He is dressing up as well and does quite a good job at it.

Luke and Lottie are dressed up as a ghost and witch. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Luke’s outfit. That is a ghost? Um? Sure? At least Lottie’s outfit looked like a witch. Though it is a cute witch, and not a creepy one. 😛

The trip through the neighbourhood was creepy fun. I love that everyone is doing such an effort for Halloween. thumbs up

All in all, a fabulous fun Halloween picture book that I would recommend to all. Maybe I will re-read this one during Halloween (though it will probably be next year as I will still remember this book this October).

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