Review for Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Review for Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

I read this one in Dutch but I will write a review in English. Note, I will be using the Dutch names (as apparently translators love to change names).

I have heard about this topic, kids reading to dogs/other pets, before online. Twitter at times mentions it, but I also read articles online. I never thought someone would have written a book about it though. Fabulous!

Meet Mia, a girl who doesn’t like reading. It mostly has to do with the fact that she reads pretty slowly, and sometimes messes up words due to stress. She is just very unhappy most of the times. Everyone gets star stickers at school, but she is stuck with hearts (you can do/try your best). She has to practice a lot with her reading, and I know that forced reading does take the fun away from reading. The result is that our girl is reluctant to read, even to the point that she doesn’t want to try anything with letters. 🙁

But her mind will be changed soon, as her library has the best idea for her (thumbs up for the library). This is where Bonnie makes her entrance. Bonnie is a big (really big) dog and she is more than happy to listen. Another plus for Bonnie is that Bonnie won’t mind if Mia makes a mistake, or if she reads slowly. She will just patiently wait, offering love, offering a nudge or a lick.
You can imagine that Mia is at first very reluctant, and I can imagine, she hasn’t had the best experience with reading and she is worried. But Mia shows bravery by trying it out, by seeing that Bonnie doesn’t mind mistakes, that Bonnie is OK if it takes longer. Thus Mia gets better at reading, better at speaking aloud. I was just so so happy to see her find a love in reading. I just hope that Mia will get even braver and maybe can read on her own. Find even more joy in it. Because books are wonderful and will transport you to different worlds.

There was also a small twist near the end, something that made me gasp. Would this be the end of Mia’s reading? Would she go back to being unhappy reading? Oh no! But I shouldn’t have worried.

The ending? I was just so so proud of Mia. Fantastic job girl!

The art was pretty great, I was a big fan of Bonnie’s design she was just so big and fluffy!

All in all, a wonderful book with a sweet message.

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