Review for Meet Yasmin!

Review for Meet Yasmin!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Meet Yasmin, a tiny little girl with big plans!

This book consists out of 4 stories. In each story Yasmin is trying out something else!

First story: Yasmin the Explorer: 4 stars. Yasmin is going to make a map of the neighbourhood, she is going to be an explorer! This was just adorable. I know I did the same thing when I was a child. Making a map of my home and neighbourhood, exploring every nook and cranny of it.
Only then Yasmin and her mom go to the farmers’ market and that happens. Well, she has a map, but it doesn’t help out in this situation. I knew everything would be fine (after all it is a children’s book and there are more stories), but still I was worried. But all is well in the end. And Yasmin learned a big lesson. Maps are nice, but maybe mom’s are also handy to have with you when exploring.

Second story: Yasmin the Painter: 4 stars. Oh, a painting contest, how fun! Though, I guess not fun for everyone. If you know you can’t draw/paint, and you have to participate. And even your family is in to help… I can imagine that Yasmin isn’t too happy about it. But practice makes perfect, remember that! I am happy with her solution though, that is brilliant. It is still art, plus you are having fun doing it. Of course the ending was a bit of a letdown, sure it was a happy one, but it was so predictable.

Third story: Yasmin the Builder: 4 stars. It is time for a new project, time to build a city! But before one can build you have to plan and draw a sketch of what you want to make in the city. Yasmin’s mind is full with ideas, what to make, what to build? Then she sees her classmates build stuff already, stuff she also would have loved to make. I did feel for Yasmin, I know the feeling of having too many choices, or not knowing how to make something and then seeing others make something without seemingly any problems. But Yasmin is a creative little girl and she isn’t giving up. I just adored her idea, and I am happy that she managed to do all that without breaking the buildings.

Fourth story: Yasmin the Fashionista: 4 stars. What to do when one is bored? Hold a fashion show of course! And what to do when one is a bit clumsy? Try to fix it with lots of glitter and glue. 😛 No, I would recommend the last one, but it does work.. for a while at least.
I loved seeing what Yasmin and her grandma came up with and what they wore for the show.

I also loved that Yasmin’s family is Pakistani-American. We saw that in what they wear (Yasmin’s mom wears a jihab), but also in little names for family members. We should really get more books with various cultures.

Plus points to the Learn Urdu with Yasmin part at the end!

The illustrations are also really well done (well, with the exception of one or two which seemed to be done in a hurry). Oh my! I just checked the illustrator and they also did illustrations for another book I loved! That explains why it seemed familiar. \o/

All in all, this is one cute book, and I would recommend it to everyone!

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