Review for Melancholia Jou

Review for Melancholia Jou

13 weird, funny, apocalyptic, what the hell did I just read, stories.

I didn’t know what to expect when I saw this manga, but reading comment online people seemed to quite like this one and say it was absurd and funny. Well, I couldn’t resist. Plus the art seemed really good.

At first I thought these stories weren’t going to be connected. But in the end every one is connected in some way. Sometimes big things, sometimes smaller things. For instance the hole we see in the third chapter gets a mention in a few other chapters, then there is the mention of a hotel from an other manga of this author and that comes back later as well (as apparently people are reading the book the maid is writing), the apocalypse/meteor is also shown as the stories continue, and I could go on. I really loved seeing things come back, and seeing how stuff are connected. I even noticed that I was searching for the connection, and that I sometimes even squealed in delight at a reference.

The second chapter wasn’t a big favourite of mine. Sorry, but paedophilia is just a big fat NOPE in my book. A woman, around 26, who loves a 10 year old and bathes with him is just so much nope to me.

I was a bit pissed at the girl in the chapter with the handspinner. I could understand her reasoning, but I just don’t get why she would choose that when she has the chance to do so much. 🙁

Chapter 9 definitely brought back my little food of today. My word, it was just disgusting as hell. Ick.

I am quite curious to see how everything will continue with meteor and the upcoming apocalypse. I can’t wait what other strange and absurd stories will come.

The art fitted perfectly with the weirdness of the stories.

I will definitely have to see if I can find more works by this mangaka, maybe even try that hotel manga. I would recommend this one if you are looking for a fun, absurd, silly manga with some brilliant characters.

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