Review for Mia & Co #1

Review for Mia & Co #1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I had expectations for this one, the blurb especially seemed to mention something in the way of that Mia’s group of friends (all boys) was about to change as they were growing up. I was looking forward to seeing how the group would handle it, if they would fall apart, or not? And also how Mia was going to be changing. Sadly though, I didn’t see anything changing about the group or things getting complicated. Or at least, not major things. I saw small things, like Mia suddenly having a different kind of interest in Gauthier (though I have no clue if that was like > love or just a bigger kind of friendship), Mia at times fell a bit out of place in the group (but only a bit, most of the time the guys accepted her fully), the boys getting girl attention (and Mia having to be the messenger). So yeah, a bit of a shame. I was quite curious as I have seen friendships fall apart due to girls and boys mixing up. Boys or girls suddenly falling for their best friend, or that they would rather form a group with other of the same gender. Or that due to bodies changing they will act differently around each other. Not to mention how people outside view having boys as friends. I have had enough boys as friends, nothing more, but for some reason people often assumed we were dating or something else. Um, no. So that is what I kind of expected from this. Seeing a close-knitted friendship change due to people growing up.

In fact I was mostly bored while reading as it was just Mia and her friends playing games, watching movies (from romance to horror), trying to go to a concert, going to school. We see that Mia has trouble at school, not only her grades are pretty terrible, but she also has troubles with connecting with the other girls (to which I could relate oh so much).

I found the boys way more interesting than Mia. Sorry Mia. You are a nice gal, and at times quite fun, but I wouldn’t have minded if we had gotten more POV’s. Like Zouz, or Garthier’s POV.

I did like that Mia found a hobby she wanted to pursue. I would have loved to see that video she made.

The art? Not entirely my favourite. It did remind me a lot of Code Lyoko.

The ending? Eh, not too happy with it. Are cliffhangers really needed? I never like them. Not in books I love (as you always have to wait) nor in books I didn’t quite like (as you don’t want to continue the series, but yet you do want to know how things continue).

So yeah, not entirely what I was expecting, and it took me hours to get through this. Every time I had a small moment of nothing happening I read a few pages.

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