Review for Muhyo Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Vol. 1

Review for Muhyo Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Vol. 1

“Please drop by if you are experiencing any ghost problems.”

Ah, this was just the thing I was in the mood for. I heard that this one would get an anime, I even thought it was already out. 😛 Since the anime is not out yet, I decided to check out the manga and see if it was a good one.

And it was! Oh it was! Ghosts, monsters, weird art that still strangely fits with the manga, a duo that doesn’t seem to match, and more. Each chapter is a new client (or at least a new monster/ghost).

Jirou (the assistant) and Muhyo (the executor/lawyer). These two will help you with your ghostly problem no matter how big or small. Jirou generally explains stuff while Muhyo just sits next to him. He sometimes does demonstrations, but it seems Jirou is the designated explain guy.

The ghosts/monsters are properly scary, not those wussy things you see at times in ghost stories, oh no, these critters will definitely kill you if they have a chance. Things with too many arms, a thirst for blood, and did I mention a chair that is hungry? I am happy that I read these stories during the day, and not at night, because I would probably not have slept that soundly.

I hated Muhyo’s rule that they couldn’t ever meet up with a client again once the case was closed. I felt it was just too much, too rude. Those people may want to thank you, or you may want to check up on them (like in the case of Grandma Kiyomi). I may have an inkling of an idea why Muhyo is so strict about it, but still… there should be some leniency in a few cases.

The magic laws, the ranking, the magic, it was all interesting. I still have questions, but I have the feeling that as this story continues we learn more and more about this and the magic world. I do hope that we also will learn how Jirou/Rouji got to be Muhyo’s assistant. How did these two get matched up, at times you can see they have a great partnership… but other times… Oh good grief. These two bicker like a married couple.

I love how Muhyo is able to give out a punishment (or rewards as that also happens if a ghost is still good). It seems a bit too easy at times, they barely have to do anything, just open the book, say a few words/dole out a punishment/reward, and bang, solved. We do see that there is a struggle at times, a small fight or people having to be saved, but generally I would love to see a bit more action. A bit more danger, and not just for Jirou (that poor dude) or people standing by. I would like to see Muhyo do a bit more effort. Though it is funny that after such an event he has to sleep for 3 days (so people just have to hope they don’t get in trouble in those days).

The art wasn’t always my favourite part. The style is a bit weird, sharp, but I have to say, after reading all the chapters in the first volume I am actually quite liking it more than I did in the beginning. And I guess I have to admit, it does fit the creepiness and the weirdness of the manga.

All in all, I am going to be reading volume 2 quite soon, I just don’t want to stop reading, but I guess I will be pacing myself. 2 volumes each month! No more. I don’t want to burn through this one in one go (I actually do want that, but….).

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