Review for My Name Is Not Refugee

Review for My Name Is Not Refugee

A beautiful book with a wonderful message.

I was instantly in love with the cover, the art on it was pretty. It still took me a bit before I actually read it though. Nothing against refugees, I am happy that we can give these people a chance for a safe life, a happy life. But there is just SO MUCH about refugees, books about them (from picture books to YA), or authors just moving refugee characters in their books. At first I was quite interested in reading these books, but after months of seeing it everywhere… it just gets too much. Sorry. 🙁

But I am more than happy to read this book. It tells us the story of a little boy who has to leave his home, most of his family. He is going on a big trip with his mom, and she explains to him all he can expect. From tiny beds, to lots of lorries and cars, to strange food and strange words, to new friendship. I loved how the mom took her time to explain everything to the little boy, held him tight, hugged him a lot, and made sure he was knowledgeable about the journey. Good job mom!

And the journey was long, and it wasn’t always easy, we can see that. But the ending made me smile and I was happy for both the little boy and his mom.

The message, the kids may call you refugee, but remember points to the title, your name isn’t refugee.

Each scene/double page also contains a question. Letting kids think about the situation, to help them understand a bit more. I really liked that the author added it to the mix.

The art is so pretty, I just adored the style. Fabulously done!

All in all, a book I would definitely recommend. I think this would do perfect in a classroom.

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