Review for Safari Pug

Review for Safari Pug

The third Pug adventure this time with lions and zoos!

With all the hot weather we had here I decided it was the perfect time to read a book with the title Safari Pug.

I already had read a few pages when I was in London in February. Sadly, my fiance didn’t approve of me reading the entire book (which is kind of logical I guess) as we had a day ahead of us filled with fun activities. But now one of my libraries had this one in stock and I could read it! Such a delight.

In this one our pug and his owner are off to the zoo/safari park after Lady Miranda woke up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare featuring a big lion. Of course, she isn’t afraid of a lion, oh no, it is the pug. Yep, Miranda logics. I had such a laugh to see her try to get into the safari part with her sedan chair, at least she tried. But I think that both her footman are quite delighted to not have to run away from lions, cheetahs, or other creatures. Lifting and running around with such a chair isn’t easiest, and I don’t think they want to run away from things. At least the zoo has another, more cuter, side that she can visit. It doesn’t have lions, but hey, penguins and meerkats are also fantastic!

There is also a villain, or at least that is what I would call her, a fancy lady named Arlene von Bling (what a glittery name). She is grumpy, mean, and keeps trying to steal animals. She makes a good villain though, not only with her looks (she just has that classic villain vibe) but also with how she acts. But.. no, I won’t tell you what happens to her nearer to the end. Just read, and laugh. Laugh a lot. 😛

I am still loving that this book shows Pug’s POV and Miranda’s. Of course, the spotlight is mostly on Pug. The most adorable little dog ever!

The art was once again fabulous. The pug is just so adorable, and did I mention the cuteness of Florence? I just wanted to reach out and hug them both.

I can’t wait for the next book, which features Pirates. Eep!

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It is fun, hilarious, features cute pugs and lions. A great summer read!

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