Review for Screenshot

Review for Screenshot

Social Media, Friendship, Mystery, a dash of romance, and some other topics. But they all meshed together really fabulously. It never felt to be too much, in fact everything just clicked together as one big puzzle.

I was already getting worried that YA was just not working for me any more. I have been reading less and less YA for the past year, or I should say, I tried enough YA and just couldn’t get into them. So I was definitely worried this one, with such an amazing premise, would also be disappointment. But on the contrary. This one grabbed me and I just couldn’t stop reading until the end.

What happens when a screenshot from an embarrassing video gets in the hands of someone and that someone blackmails you? A lot, including finding out about yourself (accepting your body), about your friends.

Skye, a hard working girl who has big plans for the future. I just adored that she had these plans, not many people would want to work in the government like she wants, so I was definitely rooting for her. I admire that she tried her best to balance all the things in her life. Not just her friends, but also her boyfriend, her work, her school (homework but also her presidency).
I did feel like she wasn’t always there for her friends, I could see that they were best of friends (well for most, at times I was confused how these girls were together), but I kind of missed seeing them connect outside of school. I get that they are all busy, but I wished to see more nights or days out. Now we only really see the sleepover and things were pretty awkward there. 😛
As for the social media, she could have said screw it, but I can see why she didn’t want to. She didn’t feel happy about her body, and she also was worried about the future (because future employers may check out social media). I loved how she owned the prom dress. Dang the girl is on fire.
She really grew as the story progressed and it was just so terrific to see. Go girl!

The book also features the POVs of other characters in Skye’s life. For instance Emma and Asha, her best friends. But also Ryan (the love interest and co-worker) and Harmony (co-worker). I have to say at first I wasn’t sure about these POVs, but after a few of them I started to notice that I was actually looking forward to them. I was curious what would be said in them, what kind of things we would discover about the lives of these characters.

Emma. Not my favourite girl. But I liked that she was interested in movies and screenplays.

Ryan. Oh my! He was just adorable. I like guys who are smart and creative, I would love to see his photographs. I loved how he gave Skye time, how he listened to her, how he tried to help her out. And before I knew it, I was just shipping Skye and Ryan together.

Harmony, wow, due to Skye I wasn’t sure if I would like her, but with her POV? Seeing her life, seeing Harmony from Harmony’s eyes. I just liked her more and more. And I was rooting for her, rooting for her life to get better, and not just her life, but that of her mom as well.

I wasn’t sure about Asha, at least at the beginning, and what we learn from Skye. From the start I knew what was going on with her mom. And as we see more of her POVs it was confirmed. That poor poor family. The poor mom, losing her mind, losing all she knows (and yes, I cried during one moment), the poor family. And then what Asha did all the time (the constant photography) made sense. She wasn’t doing it for herself. She wasn’t egocentric. She was doing it for someone she loves. My gosh, this broke me. And yes, I saw a different side to Asha. I saw a sweet girl who just had a bit of trouble with understanding how friendship works and didn’t always make the right decisions. I was shaking my head a bit though, because she thought her friends should just magically see what was going on in her life. With her mom. Sorry girl, you friends barely see your family, and you are putting up a persona to hide your trouble. That doesn’t make it easy to see what is going on.

Luke x Skye. I just couldn’t see why they were together (well, beside the obvious reason for Skye aka popularity). They seemed more like friends, or even brother and sister than lovers. I was hoping that one of them would realise this. The author did a great job on writing the Luke x Skye parts, especially when Skye was realising several things about her relationship (which probably would have been hard, but I am sure she feels happier now).

The blackmailing? The demands? Wow. The demands go from not that bad to OMG whut???

The whodunnit? I had a few suspects, but quite soon I could get my number down to one, and then it was trying to find hints to see if I was correct, or if it was someone totally different. The author really did her best on giving us hints, but yet also making it not immediately clear who it was. thumbs up
And this is going under the spoiler tag. I have to say that the reason why the person did it was pretty WTH. This is your friend, and yes, I get that Asha and Skye really get together and seem to have a closer bond, but to fuck up your friend’s life, and to even threaten to post such a picture, no just no. I get your life also sucks, and you need ideas, but hey, maybe next time don’t throw your best friend (and her life) under the bus. This is not how friendship works.

Oh, and next to Skye’s social media trouble, her sister, who just started puberty, is also having a hard time with social media and friendship. Her best friend (though I wouldn’t call the girl her best friend if she is hating so much on her friend’s look) is trying to correct all her features through some app, and also trying to force her to fix things. I felt oh so sorry for the girl, but I am very proud how she stuck to her point. Skye, and also their mom, both of them were so sweet and supportive. Skye also telling her sister that she was good as she is.

So kids, remember social media is fun, but some things are just meant to stay private.

A fantastic book and I would highly recommend it. I definitely need to add this book to my physical shelves.

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