Review for Tengoku Daimakyou Vol.1

Review for Tengoku Daimakyou Vol.1

“Do you want to go outside of the outside?”

What would you do if you get a question like? A question that will definitely make you wonder, is there really an outside? What is it like? And then you learn that one of your friends knows more. She tells you that two people, who look like you and her, will come to help her.

This book is split up in two POV. On the one hand we have the POV of two teens outside, a world destroyed, trying to survive, try to not get murdered by whatever is wandering (or flying) about. On the other side we see two teens, who look very much like the teens outside, go through their days in a closed-up space. A space with school, friends, food, happiness, but also a wall, a roof, no way out.

Out of those two POV I definitely preferred the ones taking outside over the ones taking place inside. The inside parts were a tad boring, though I have to say that as the story continued and we saw more of the space and learned more I got a bit more interested in it. Still, not my favs, so I am hoping that the next volume will make it a bit more fascinating, a bit creepier, a bit more haunting.

The outside parts were just terrific. I love dystopian stories like this. Kids alone, trying to survive, trying to find that one place that everyone talks about. Everything destroyed or at least abandoned and crumbling apart. There are other humans wandering around, but also monsters. Monsters that can chop you in pieces and then nom on you like you are some spaghetti waiting to be eaten.
I am quite curious where they got that gun from (and how it works, other than that it needs batteries).

There are a ton of questions I have about this manga. Is the inside heaven? Is the outside hell? Is the inside an experiment, something to keep people safe and is the world really destroyed outside? Why are both our MCs on the inside and outside so similar. Clones? Something else? What are those monsters? What happened to the world? What do the teachers and guardians know? And I could go on. I hope that as the story continues we get more information, more nuggets with insight.

The art was pretty decent. Not always too fond of the character designs, but I loved the scenery and the backgrounds.

All in all, a manga that was mostly really interesting and I am definitely going to continue reading it as more chapters come out.

7 thoughts on “Review for Tengoku Daimakyou Vol.1

  1. I appraciated a lot this manga, because even if we are in a post-apocalyptic setting, it does not claim to be an epic story, but the author gives the reader time to be accompanied to understand the rules of his world without being hurled into it as too often happens in other comics. Slow but right. I started reading it because I watched its promotional video on youtube

    1. I agree, I have read several manga (and graphic novels) which just throw you into the fray or midst of the story/action, which annoys me to no end, it always feels like I missed something. So I am indeed happy that this author is taking his time to establish the world, let us walk alongside with the characters on their journey.

      Oh, I also watched that promo, and the day after it I went to find the manga. I just love it when they make such great promos for manga.

          1. I would love an anime series. Maybe in a few years they can make one. *crosses fingers*

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