Review for The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Review for The Boy Who Grew Dragons

“It looked like a bird. But it had thorny little spines down its back and it seemed more leathery than feathery. It was bright red and its wings were scalloped, a bit like a bat’s. And it shimmered in the light of my rocket lamp, like it was having trouble deciding on the very best shade of red to be.”

This was just a terrific, wonderful, amazing, magical book about a boy who, while gardening with his grandpa, stumbles upon a dragon-fruit tree. But oh, not that kind of dragon fruit, this one actually contains dragons! Oh my!

I almost read this one in one go yesterday evening, but I was just too tired sadly to finish. Thankfully I had some time today and I could finish this amazingly fun book. And in a way I am happy that I didn’t finish this book in one go, now I could enjoy this one another day. Luckily, this one isn’t the end for the dragons, at the end we see that there will be another book about Tomas and the dragons (and the chaos they will definitely be bringing with them).

From start to finish you will laugh, cheer, grumble (at Liam or that very annoying angry neighbour), roll of your chair/bed in laughter. There is definitely no moment of boredom, if anything the book gets better and better with each passing page. You just want to see more dragons, find out more about Flicker, hope that Tomas finally will tell his friends (as come on, I am sure they would love to know his secret and who doesn’t love dragons?), and much more. After reading I wonder how many more dragons are in the wild, are there more plants like this, how big will our dragons get?

I loved Tomas from the start, I loved how well he took care of Flicker. How even though it wasn’t easy, he still loved Flicker and tried to find out how to care for him. He never once got angry at his tiny little friend, even when his room got turned into a poo filled hell. 😛 He really had a ton of patience, and I was just laughing at how he tried to cover up all the trouble and chaos Flicker caused.
I did have to say that I wasn’t always happy with Tomas. Oh no. I get that his dragon is important, but I just felt sad that he dropped his granddad like that. He was just on the way with helping with gardening when he got Flicker. After that he barely visited, and later on in the story he didn’t help at all. Thankfully, and I am happy the author added this, Tomas does feel guilty for it and he has plans on making up with his granddad.
I was definitely rooting for him to just tell his friends, and I am glad with his decision in the end.

Seeing more dragons was just such a delight, they all looked adorable, and I would have loved to see them for real. To see them shimmer and glow, to see their colours change. But only that, I don’t want to handle those poo bombs. Ewww. shivers Oh and not to mention having to keep them away from my precious book babies.

I also liked Tomas’ little sister: Lolli, or Charlotte. Sometimes little siblings are annoying, but Lolli was a cute little sister and I loved how she and Tomas worked together. 😛 Well… mostly Tomas trying to bribe his little sister and turning her words into something different before people found out what she was actually babbling about. But they certainly made a fun pair.

Liam and also Grim were just terrible. They were great villains though. Liam at school (what a bully), and Grim as the next door neighbours of Tomas’ grandparents. Yes, I get that Grim wasn’t happy with what happened in his garden, but you are certainly not helping your case by acting like a bully.
As for Liam, eh. That guy just needs a new hobby in his life. Snooping, stalking, and bullying is just not the way to go. And then there is that thing at the end. Urgh. That is the worst thing that could happen.

The art? Well it is Sara Ogilvie, I just adore her art. And it fits so so well with this book, her dragons are amazingly cute. It was one of the 3 reasons why I bought this book (the first one being dragons, the second gardening in combination with that first).

I could probably talk about this book longer, but I will just end it with that everyone should read this wonderful, hilarious, warm, sweet book about dragons, gardening, friendship, and more dragons!

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