Review for The Creepy Files of Margo Maloo: The Monster Mall

Review for The Creepy Files of Margo Maloo: The Monster Mall

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

First up, I want to squeal again that I got accepted for this book. This is my first First Second book to be accepted for, and I am so so excited! Eep!

Next, I hadn’t expected this one to be the second book in the series. Since on Netgalley you can’t see all the blurb unless you open the book page, I generally just read a few sentences of what I can read, see if I love the cover, and then request it. 😛 But I have to say that it wasn’t at all that confusing to read this one even if one hasn’t read the first book. You get some explanation on Margo Maloo, on the monsters, and on the previous case.

In this one Charles is getting a deal with Margo, he will make some kind of monsterpedia, and Margo will give all the details, or at least the details that should be known, not everything, just the important things. The only thing, no adult can ever see it. And what better way to make such a guide/monsterpedia then by going outside and go on cases with Margo? Oh my goodness. I just adored that she did this. It is also my favourite way of showing people something, but also my way of learning something. By seeing it with my own eyes. Not getting a whole text and get bored.

We see them pick up some coffee (information) and a newspaper (more information). Dang Margo certainly has her network. I loved it. That she tries to help people (or at least kids) with monster problems, but also keeps in contact with monsters. Quite often it is one or the other.

The abandoned house, the first case, I first thought, just like Charles, that these kids were just pranksters, as these were pretty much pranks any kid would do to anyone. I was happy to see what was the actual conclusion to it. Plus I actually felt sorry for the creature. I can imagine that he wasn’t happy. I had quite a laugh at the reaction of the kids living in the home (they were so impressed).

The next case, which also brought Charles’ name for the website/organisation, took place in a creepy mall. With vampires! And a new character, Olivia, a girl I quite loved from the moment she showed up. I just adored her design. Also can I say that I just adore the vampires? They FLOAT. Like I never expected vampires to just float. I know they can fly, and also change into bats, but just float as if they don’t know how to walk? Wow! And their designs are just all so fancy and punk.
Bonus points to them being that kind of vampire. Of course they aren’t the first to be that, but I haven’t heard of a vampire who lives with just that kind food. Plus I liked that they choose it for themselves, they wanted to set themselves apart from their parents and the adults.
I also liked that they were different from normal, or standard, vampire requirements. These vampires show up in mirrors and cameras. Which of course bring a big load of trouble with them given that almost everyone these days have a phone, and a way to post things on the internet. You don’t want people to discover your secret hideout, especially when one is a monster.

And then there is the epilogue, in which Margo tries to find the little imp’s family. I really loved how much effort she put into helping the imp. Plus the ending made me very curious for the next volume. What is up with that threat? Who is threatening Margo. Is it human or monster?

I found tow errors in my copy, on page 53 of my copy, the text bubbles are all empty. 🙁
And page 84 is not yet rightly coloured and also misses text.

I didn’t particularly like how Margo was so anti-adult. I wonder what happened in her life that made her so distrustful of adults. Maybe something that was mentioned in the first book? Or something that will still be shown later?

Bonus points to the ending which has some information on monsters. Done in a fabulous way, like it really came out of an old file cabinet, the paper is old, there are additions to the information, there are drawings, the text is typed out by way of type writer. I love it!

I loved the art style, it just fitted perfectly with the story and how I envisioned Margo’s cases.

All in all, I need more Margo Maloo, I need more monsters, I need more cases. I would recommend this one. And again, you don’t need to have read book 1.

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