Review for The Music Box – Volume 1: Welcome to Pandorient

Review for The Music Box – Volume 1: Welcome to Pandorient

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Wow, this was just wow. I had high hopes for this one based on the cover, and then I started reading. I just adored this one, believe me it will grab you and not let you go until the end of the story (and then you just want more).

Say hello to Nola. She just turned 8 years old and has been given something that belonged to her mother, a small snowglobe/music box. Nola quickly finds out that the music box is much more special beside looking gorgeous. It contains a world filled with people (humans and non-humans). Nola is being called in to help (in a way that had me laughing, especially her reaction upon seeing the call for help) and thus begins the story.

Nola was such a fun character, though I did feel sorry for her once we find out that her mom has gone (I am guessing that means she died).
I thought Nola was very brave. Many people wouldn’t have done what she does in this story. She kept going and thinking of solutions, she tried her best to help out her new friends and their mother.

As the story continues we find out more about the world Nola entered, Pandorient. We find out that it is a pretty strict world despite looking absolutely peaceful and gorgeous. There are rules everywhere, and people call on some sort of police-kind of force (even for something like someone having a relationship with someone they shouldn’t have a relationship with). Which is kind of creepy and gave me flashbacks to Russia and Germany during certain times in history.
Plus, Nola, isn’t all too welcome and has to be hidden. Nope, this world looks gorgeous but there is a lot going on and I am quite curious as to who rules this world and if it was always unfriendly towards strangers. Plus I do want to see more of the world in general as it looks pretty dang gorgeous. How big is this world? Just this one city? Or is there a whole world that one can explore should they choose to? And how did it come to be in the globe/music box or how did it start to exist? Hopefully we will get more answers in the next volumes.

There was also a hint of mystery, namely how did Andrea’s mom get sick? What is going on with the water? Is it the water? It was quite fun to see the kids (Igor, Nola, Andrea) try to figure out what was going on and if they could fix things.

The ending was great, and we have a new item that will give more information on Nola’s mom and Pandorient.

And then there was the return, and yes, I have to say I sniffled a bit at how sweet the dad is. Aww!

The art was just amazing, as I said I loved the cover already, but the art inside is just as gorgeous.

All in all, I need more Pandorient. I need more of this series. It was just too good. I would highly recommend this one to everyone.

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