Review for The Tiptoeing Tiger

Review for The Tiptoeing Tiger

I read this one in Dutch, but will be writing my review in English. This was a very adorable picture book.

It is all about a tiny little tiger who can’t frighten anyone and is really bummed out about it. His bigger brother frightens all the animals in the forest, but no one blinks an eye at the tiny little thing. His brother doesn’t even believe the tiny critter can frighten anyone and so he sets up a bet. 🙂

I was delighted to see how eager the tiger was to show his brother that he COULD frighten someone, and then laughing at his methods of trying to scare animals in the forests. He was acting exactly like how I would try to scare someone. Sneak up, tiptoe and then BOO. Though I have to say I generally have more success than our little tiger. grins Maybe he should just have done the way my fiance always startles me, just wait until someone is occupied (like while reading a great books), or sneak very silently. 😛

I know I was rooting for our little one, and I was so so sad when it seems that the day was ending without him scaring anyone. But then that happened and I was just cheering in delight. I am not sure if I would count it as bet done, but I still think it was very nice.

I hope our tiny one will grow up to be a real fright for the forest.

The art was adorable, I just love the difference between the adult tiger and the kid tiger and also how the illustrator drew what the tiny tiger did (his sneaking around).

All in all, a definite recommendation if you are looking for a fun, cute book.

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