Review for Twinkle Makes a Wish

Review for Twinkle Makes a Wish

I read this one in Dutch, but will write my review in English.

Happy Birthday Twinkle! sings I just couldn’t resist this one, I just adore the Twinkle books. They are glittery, fun, and cute. Not only the story, but also the illustrations.

Twinkle’s birthday is coming up and she wants a big party! Thankfully she has 2 best friends who help her out with all things glittery, birthday-y, sparkly, well everything. Of course these are fairies so with a little flick of their wands they make everything even prettier and more perfect. From sending out invitations (oh my, dragon mail, I would love an invitation) to baking a big cake (pink of course, Twinkle wouldn’t have another colour). I would recommend not using magic for everything, but I guess the cake turned out pretty dang spectacular, and it was still very pink, so all is good? Besides it is the taste that counts not how it looks, at least that is my opinion.

But poor poor Twinkle. I just felt heartbroken when that happened to her party. All that effort. 🙁 Thankfully Twinkle has friends. Tons of them, and they all want Twinkle to smile and laugh. They all want her to have a wonderful day.

Her wish? It was just the best. She could have been selfish and picked something for herself (then again, this doesn’t fit with the Twinkle I know and love), but she picked something like that. Awww. <3

The art is still adorable, sweet, and cute. I just adore the designs on the characters.

All in all, I just hope that there will be more Twinkle in the future.

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