Review for Weapons of War

Review for Weapons of War

The second book and it just, like the other books, picks up where we left the last time. Time to cry!

Sadly, I have to say that this wasn’t as good as the previous book. Why? Because the stories now mesh together, and sorry, we have already seen parts in the Joss books. Conversations are just copy-pasted in here, things that happened come back (sure, from another POV, but that doesn’t make it more exciting). Chapter Thirteen is when Trent’s POV shows us how Ryan met Joss. Yes, same conversations, same stuff, just from Trent’s POV. When Vin meets Joss, again, same stuff. I just started to skip conversations and parts that I knew from the previous books. Maybe if I hadn’t binge-read these books in one go, but with only 2 days between them… eh, no thank you. That is also the reason why it took me a bit longer to read. I started reading a few percentage on Thursday evening, some more percentage on Friday, and then the last drops today.

There were also various spelling/grammar errors. I noticed them before in the other books, but they seemed to have multiplied in this book.

But there was also good about this book. We could finally see Vin’s POV from the Colony and see how he is wooing the crowd. He sure is a charmer. He definitely was my favourite character in this book.

Also on Kevin, oh boy, that broke my heart. I knew he died because of a wolf (as was said in the Joss books), however I hadn’t expected the death to be that way. OMG. I was already wondering how a seasoned zombie killer guy couldn’t win against a wolf, but this explains a whole lot.

We already knew bits and pieces of what happened at the MOHAI (the first time it was emptied out due to Risen), but the real story behind it had me gasping in shock. Oh no they freaking didn’t? How could they do that? To people? Innocents? shakes her head in shock

The baby stuff is also mentioned, you know when they found out that there was a whole baby market? Finally we could see a bit deeper into it, and sorry, but I just have to applaud for Vin and what he did for the girls, for the babies. That is an absolutely awesome idea, and while it doesn’t lessen the pain for the girls, or Vin (he can deny all he wants, but I know he felt crap about having to give the babies away), 100%, it does make them happy knowing they can find their babies in a way. Though I don’t want to know how they ever gotten that on a baby (or how much noise the kid made).

Plus, even if it was a bit the same, I still loved seeing Trent when Ryan and Joss met up. So he was watching. Always caring about Ryan, and now also caring about the girl, aka Joss. I do like the decision he made, a choice that was pretty hard for him, but a choice that had to be made. Ryan needs to go his own, find love, find happiness.

Again fans herself and swoons that cover! It is just way way too hot.

I am, just like with the other book, still curious as to what is so explicit about this one that warrants two versions? There was some gore and violence, but it wasn’t like overly graphic or a lot. Just stuff that you can expect from a zombie book (and living in a gang). I am kind of curious to find out what was changed, because I frankly can’t imagine what they would change.

But will I read the next book, ummm, I am unsure. Where Vin’s POV will definitely be holding material I want to read (his time waiting for Joss to come back, and also the battle and hopefully seeing him settle down with his flock), I am not sure if I want to read Trent’s. He is in Ryan/Joss’ team and I know for sure that there will be a lot of repetition.

We will see, the book is set to be released this year, so maybe I will just hold it off for a bit longer until I have forgotten most of the details. 😛

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