Review for Yurara no Tsuki Vol.1

Review for Yurara no Tsuki Vol.1

A very shoujo ghost hunter story.

So I am still in the mood for some ghost busting, and I came across this one. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. A shoujo ghost hunting story? Um, this could go two ways, and I was hoping it would go the right way. Now I read it I am not entirely sure if I liked it all the time, but the ghost busting was pretty epically done.

Let’s start at the beginning, it is a new school year and Yurara (I just love her name) isn’t really looking forward to going to school. She is a quiet girl, but she can also see (and sometimes hear) ghosts. People are weirded out by her as she at times just starts crying or stares into nothing. But Yurara’s first day is going to be pretty awesome (if you want to call it that) as she attracts the attention of not one guy, but two when a ghost appears at Yurara’s desk. Did I mention both dudes are very popular and wanted by the other girls. Yup, insert drama. sighs

Both they guys are hot, duh, of course this is shoujo, but they also have spiritual powers. Yep, what a coincidence, right? 😛 Each of them have a secret fear or something going on that makes them react a certain way. Like Hoshino who is afraid of water due to something that happened in his youth, and we have no clue yet what Meiwa’s problem is.
Oh, and did I mention that the guys don’t really like each other? What a surprise!

Yurara has another surprise, she has a guardian spirit that likes to pop out at times. Also no surprise again Yurara turns from cute, but quiet girl, to a rambunctious sexy older sister type as her guardian spirit awakes from her sleep. I loved Yurara’s other side, but I was a bit pissy that it seemed the guys fell for that girl instead. In the chapters I read they both really look forward to the transformation, Meiwa even pushing and trying to force her out of Yurara in ways I would kick a guy in the nuts for.

Meiwa was the biggest problem I had with this book. He is quite the pervert, keeps touching Yurara even after many many many many times of her saying no. He hugs her out of nowhere, touches her, and even one time pops in while she is changing (OK, he did try to save her from a ghost, but then proceeding to ogle her tiny boobs sighs). I don’t get how I ever liked that kind of character, but these past years I am growing more and more annoyed with this character type. No, it is not good that someone just touches a girl (or reverse) like that without her permission. Especially if the girl has said no multiple times. No, you may not kiss her suddenly. Keep your hands and lips and other parts to yourself unless she wants you to touch her.

But the story is still interesting, the ghosts are scary (and sad), and I just love it when Yurara sends them on to better places. It is quite beautiful to see them go from scary to normal looking as they finally find the peace they want. I am still curious about the guardian spirit inhabiting Yurara and how that one came to be there.

Plus I want to know more on who the guys will pick. Yurara as she is or Yurara the super-exorcist? I am not a big fan of love triangles, or should we call this a love quartet, but for some reason it does fit with this story.

The art is also pretty nice, the designs are typical shoujo.

All in all, even with some issues, I still want to continue reading this manga.

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