Review for Yurara no Tsuki Vol.2 + Vol.3

Review for Yurara no Tsuki Vol.2 + Vol.3

Review for Volume 2 and 3.

Evil spirits, more about Meiwa and why he is hurting, confessions, drama, grandpa makes an appearance, the love quartet continues.

I wasn’t planning on writing a review today, but now I have read volume 3 I just need to write a review. So this one will be about both of them. Volume 2 was definitely a favourite of mine, whereas Volume 3 just was too much focused on the romance and the love quartet, though I have to say that near the end it got better. Also we have a new character, the grandpa, and I just wasn’t a fan of him.

So we first start with drama. Good grief, I sometimes just don’t like girls (and I am a girl myself). Have you ever thought that maybe you should take some action instead of getting pissy and angry about everything? Have you tried to talk to the guy or make an effort in him noticing you? Oh no, of course not. Because that is apparently too hard. So I was kind of grinning when a ghost appears that feels a very close bond with our lead mean girl.

I am not too sure how I feel about the pervert ghost and how he acts around Yurara (onee-san mode). Just get the hint that she doesn’t want you. What is with these guys and touching girls whenever they like or going so far to stalk them? That is just not cool and girls really don’t want that.

The romance was so utterly confusing, and not only for me, but also for the guys and Yurara. So Yurara (normal) loves Meiwa. Yurara (onee-san) loves Hoshino. Meiwa loves Yurara (normal), though is also interested in Yurara (sexy onee-san). Hoshino likes Yurara (though I have no clue if he likes her onee-san solely or also normal Yurara). As you can see, I am losing count. I do feel sorry for all parties involved. Hoshino is finally smiling, but then finds out that Yurara only likes him when she is in her onee-san mode (probably also due to her personality change).

Of course, with some confessions the rivalry between Meiwa and Hoshino is flaring up, to the point that I was just rolling my eyes.

My heart just broke near the end of volume 3 (chapter 11). Yurara finally has the guts to ask Hoshino (and also Meiwa) who they like. Do they like her in her normal mode, or do they fall for the appearance of Yurara (onee-san)? I won’t spoil anything, you will just have to read it yourself. hands out tissues

I wasn’t too sure about the girls in the class, but it seems one of them has definitely learned a lesson in Volume 2 and may be appreciating Yurara a bit more. I say a bit, as she still seems to be quite pissed off at Yurara. At least Yurara is slowly seeing her as a friend and gravitating towards her.

I loved that we found out more about Meiwa’s family, about his mom, but also about why he is so angry about ghosts. Why he is hurting. That poor guy, I can imagine that his heart broke and his anger flared up when that happened. I do hope that with how things are now that he is able to go on and maybe stop killing all the ghosts. Instead I hope that he will help them.

And then we also find out about Yurara’s guardian spirit, her name, when she appeared, and that her name and Yurara’s name are the same. I am still quite curious about the woman’s past, and I hope that in the next volumes we will find out even more about her. Why is she so angry? What caused her death? But we also find out a detail about her in the third volume, and also the reason why grandpa is suddenly around (which is all connected).

It is quite funny that Yurara sometimes transforms in school and while people are confused about who she is, they apparently don’t care much further than that. If I would see it happen I would definitely be curious what is going and where Yurara (normal) went. Maybe people don’t see the transformation as clearly as the guys and us readers do?

The last chapter of the third volume was dang exciting (but also very sad at points). Oh my! Oh my!

Two more volumes to go, which I will be reading tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how everything will end. Will Yurara learn to handle her powers, will she be able to protect herself? What about Hoshino and how he feels, will he accept it and continue, or will something happen? What will happen to the guardian spirit? Will we get more creepy ghosts? Will we have a happy or a sad ending? Eep, excited!


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