Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-7-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-7-2018

Afternoon all,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates.

My paper TBR: I read both of the books that I listed last week: Mamaaa! and Zijn we er bijna?. Yesterday I got 1 new book, 4 of the books I ordered last week came in, and the book I supported on Kickstarter arrived with a ton of goodies! So my TBR grew again, however they aren’t all going on my paper TBR, oh no. Two of these six books are going on my Vacation TBR.

My Kindle TBR: I wasn’t that in a big mood to read on my Kindle this week. It is funny how that works. Sometimes I want to read on my Kindle, sometimes I just don’t want the thing near me. But I did try out a few books. Notes From My Captivity and Annie’s Life in Lists didn’t work for me (one was boring, the other got annoying with all the lists and no sense of story). I LOVED, and would highly recommend, The Broken Girls.

What are my plans this week? Well, read those 4 new books on my paper TBR. Then read my library books as I got quite a few left (including some new ones from yesterday’s visit). As for my Kindle? Unless something really amazing appears I think that one is not going to be touched this week.

Here is a picture of my paper TBR.

And that concludes this Sunday’s TBR Updates. I just love doing this post, it is something I really look forward to doing every week. Seeing what I read, see my TBR go up or down, but also see if I was in the mood for my Kindle or not.
Well, I am off to do some relaxing, reading, and gaming. I wish I could do more, but last week’s Sunday’s plans didn’t end that well. 🙁
I will see you all next week again, and then after that week there will be a special Vacation Sunday’s TBR Updates for 4 weeks which I will posting live (and hopefully without too much difficulty) from my campsite.

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