Top 10 Books: First Half of 2018

Top 10 Books: First Half of 2018

Hi everyone!

Now that we have reached the second half of 2018 (dang, where did the time go?), I thought I would do a Top 10 for the first half of 2018! Featuring all my favourite books (aka the 5+ starred books of 2018). I have a grand total of 13 5+ starred books, so I had to think which one to choose. Which wasn’t always easy as I loved all of those 13 books to infinity. In the end I managed to pick 10 books. But I do want to honour those books that didn’t make the cut: Sharky Malarkey, Rosie’s Glasses, and my re-read of Simon Vs.

I am really happy with how this year is turning out in regards to reading. I have found quite some gems (5+ or 5 starred), and there is still half a year to go before the year ends. I can’t wait to see what the second half will bring!

Disclaimer: Just like with the Monthly Top 10 posts, the order of this list is random. I would never be able to pick one book over another. These are all my favourites.











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