What I Hope To Read August 2018

What I Hope To Read August 2018

Afternoon all,

Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read, this time for August, as that month is nearly there (eeep, and with that my vacation).

I have changed this WITR a bit, instead of picking any book I like, I am only picking books that have a paperback coming out. So these could be new or older books (as sadly, publishers sometimes take AGES with bringing out a paperback). Why I am doing this? Because I often read an excerpt, fall in love with the book, and then can’t buy it because hardcovers are generally way overpriced. I generally buy the ebooks, but I am still a physical book lover and I much prefer reading a book while holding it and flipping through the pages. Sometimes I even wait a year (or longer), but by that time my enthusiasm has waned for the book. So now, I will just pick books that get a paperback. That way if I love an excerpt or a few chapters I can just hop to Amazon and buy the book. You may see the occasional hardcover if I am particularly invested in a book, but it will be a rarity.

Without further ado, let’s go to August and what I want to read. I got a few books I want to pre-order, and with the new -only paperback unless I am really really really invested in an author/book- rule I don’t have many books. Though I guess I won’t be reading or pre-ordering any books as I am off for vacation and I don’t want to bother my neighbours with any new books for that time (I don’t mind 1 or 2 days, but knowing they may be there for long, it just isn’t nice). So I do want to pre-order them, but they will have to wait until September.

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