Blog Tour ~ Infamous by Allison Stowe ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Infamous by Allison Stowe ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Morning all on this beautiful Monday morning,

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Infamous, the debut book by Allison Stowe! I am very delighted I am so happy I can be part of the tour and promote this book.

For today’s post I got the usual information on book/author, but also an excerpt, and a giveaway!

Let’s start this tour, here we go!

Enter the world of this YA thriller, where nothing is ever quite as it seems…

It’s been five years since the high profile kidnapping case which turned Cassie Waterson’s life upside down. The aftermath led her to become a household name – for months, she was splashed across TV screens, appeared in newspaper headlines, and featured in the furtive whispers of the residents of her hometown. But why? She hadn’t done anything significant. In fact, she’d done nothing at all; merely watched, motionless, as a shadowy figure lifted her baby sister off her feet, and bundled her into the back of a station wagon.

That single moment soon became Cassie Waterson’s life. Agonised by guilt, confused by the lack of punishment, scrutinised by the media circus… everyone claims to know Cassie now, but nobody does at all. The face she puts on for cameras, the voice she fakes for the talk shows… none of that is the reality behind the mask. Cassie is not the strong, confident girl who glares with certainty from the screen. Cassie doesn’t have her assuredness, or her optimism about her sister coming home. Cassie is someone else entirely, and the only person who knows is the one person she must avoid… at all costs.

Every story has two sides, and the flipside of Cassie Waterson is Alexis Aldridge. Unknown, anonymous, kept hidden from the world by her fearful parents… Alexis is a conundrum, wrapped in darkness. While her and Cassie lead opposite lives, they both long for the one thing they miss: a sense of normalcy, and the freedom to be themselves.

Infamous is an unmissable YA mystery novel which will take you on twist after turn, and which provides suspense and surprises on every page.


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About the author:

Allison Stowe is the author of the YA novel, ‘Infamous.’ Raised in a generic Toronto suburb, Allison spent her childhood posting fan fiction online in hopes of influencing The WB’s writing rooms. She wrote her first novel at age 13. It was based on her favorite TV show, and upon submission she learned of copyright law.
In 2010, she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Journalism from Ryerson University, where she was the Managing Editor of the online newspaper. During her brief journalistic career, Allison wrote for Chatelaine magazine and TV Guide Canada (essentially achieving a life dream). Shortly after graduation, she relocated to Brighton, UK, and refocused her attention on her second passion – helping young people.
While studying for her MSc in Educational Psychology at UCL, Allison wrote Infamous as a way to fulfil her instinct to keep writing. When she isn’t writing about the lives of young adults, or watching prime time teen dramas, Allison mentors university students who’ve been diagnosed with mental health issues. She lives in London, UK, with her fluffy ginger cat, Sawyer. ‘Infamous’ is her debut novel.

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Time for an excerpt

Cassie looked to her left and raised a hand, gesturing to her father. The easy part was over now. This limelight was her comfort zone. It was at the core of her upbringing. Her father, on the other hand, hadn’t made a single appearance on television or comment to a journalist during the entire debacle. Cassie could feel the nerves bubbling from the bottom of her stomach. She was petrified.

Her father took a step towards the stage, but his movements were halted by Elizabeth’s outstretched arm. Grinning, Cassie’s mother marched onstage in place of him, eliciting a few claps from uncertain guests.

What’s she doing? Cassie thought, her eyes widening.

Elizabeth stopped just short of the microphone and kissed Cassie on both cheeks.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

“My dear guests,” Elizabeth proclaimed. “First, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Elizabeth Waterson, Cassie and Sophie’s mother. I’ll let you listen to the wonderful stories that my husband has prepared in just a minute, but first, I have a surprise to announce that not even my gorgeous daughter has heard yet. I’ve been saving it for this occasion.”

Surprise? What surprise? We hadn’t agreed on a surprise! Cassie thought. She looked to the left of the stage. Her father’s open jaw and pin-straight stance told her that this “surprise” was news to him as well.

Elizabeth continued, “As a special tribute to my daughter, Sophie, I am currently developing…”

The woman paused and raised her hands to the air, aligning them next to each other and staring at the spot where her thumbs met.

“Vanishing Act: The Official Story of Sophie Waterson,” Elizabeth finished, pushing her hands to the sides, as if revealing the title in the air. “It’s a musical theatre production, directed by yours truly. I’ve made contact with a few experts – songwriters, producers – and you can expect Vanishing Act to open here in Toronto next fall. Now, I give you, Ray Waterson.”

Cassie could only stare. Stare at her mother, stare at the cameramen recording this for the nation to see, stare at her father’s expression of awe and disgust, which she guessed would mirror her own at this moment in time. It was one thing for her mother to come up with one of her wacky ideas in their home, or even for a single reporter to catch her in a strange act that Phil could cover up. But this was something else, and no amount of backtracking or sugar-coating could correct it.

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